He likes to let go of 'disrespectful' farts in his workplace and finds himself fired

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-13 16:51:01

An employee was recently fired for having notably issued “disrespectful” farts.

On May 31, the Paris Court of Appeal had to rule on a dispute that was surprising to say the least, but could not be more serious.

That day, the judges indeed considered that… farting in the workplace could constitute a legitimate reason for dismissal , but this does not constitute a precedent.

This decision is something to smile about, but it stems from a very serious story that has somewhat poisoned the life of a company in the Ile-de-France.

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His “disrespectful” farts earned him a dismissal

As our colleagues from Le Point tell us, it all started when a certain Mr. A.B, commercial director of a materials brand in Île-de-France, found himself summoned in 2016 for an interview prior to dismissal.

His employer then criticized him for having behaved professionally 'incompatible with the performance of his duties' and for having shown a 'total lack of propriety, social behavior and above all hygiene' vis-à-vis - vis-à-vis his hierarchy but also his colleagues or even in the presence of customers.

Several incidents involving the employee are thus reported in the dismissal letter that the person concerned receives a few days after this interview.

The missive thus mentions an inglorious event during which the employee used the women's toilets, leaving the latrines in a lamentable state to the point of disgusting the cleaning employee. According to the employer, the surveillance cameras proved that the accused was indeed the only person to have visited the premises that morning.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that a few days earlier, this employee had made a grossophobic remark to one of his colleagues before issuing a pet smelly in front of the rest of his team. A flatulence that he was going to qualify - not without a certain schoolboy humor to say the least - as a 'massive weapon' used to get everyone out of the office.

And that's not all since he stood out again shortly after by emitting new untimely and particularly fetid gases under the dumbfounded eyes of a manager ulcerated by his attitude.

« The cleaning lady, also present, was shocked by the foul smell and by your rudeness “, also specifies the employer in the letter of dismissal.

An inappropriate attitude to which were added delays as well as disrespectful remarks towards his colleagues.

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As soon as he was dismissed, the man seized the Paris industrial tribunal on the pretext that his dismissal was devoid of 'real and serious cause'. Criticizing discrimination, he also accused his employer of failing in his duty to protect his physical and mental health, arguing that the numerous reproaches he had received had led to severe depression.

Additionally, he refuted the gas charge, saying his farts were “involuntary” and likely related to gastric issues. Finally, the accused challenged the legality of the surveillance system put in place within his company. Dismissed of all his requests on March 9, 2020, he then appealed and the verdict is now known.

If the evidence of his guilt in the degradation of the women's toilets was not considered admissible, he was nevertheless unable to win his case concerning the discrimination of which he claimed to be a victim. Ditto for his request invoking the responsibility of his employer in his depression because nothing allowed to affirm that it resulted from his working conditions.

Finally, the judges considered that his 'inappropriate remarks' as well as his 'disrespectful behavior', including his repeated farts, constituted serious misconduct justifying dismissal.

History does not say, however, if his dismissal is due to a petition written against him by his colleagues!

Source : Point