He leaves his 4-year-old son in his underwear for 1 hour on the balcony to 'sleep peacefully'

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 17:30:01

A father has just been sentenced for leaving his 4-year-old son in his underwear for almost an hour on the balcony of his apartment.

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The scene took place in Laval on Sunday, October 9, around 6 p.m. The boy was first reported by a group of children walking past the building. They notice that the shutters are closed and therefore prevent him from returning to the interior of the accommodation. A few moments later, a neighbor decides to sound the alarm and calls the police. While knocking on the door of the apartment, they come face to face with a man who wakes up from a nap.

Initially, when the father of the family is questioned about the presence of his son on the balcony, he says he did this to 'sleep peacefully' . In any case, this is what our colleagues from the daily Ouest France report. Since then, the man has changed his version and now claims that he had not lowered the shutters all the way down and that his son had sneaked onto the balcony while he slept. Judged in immediate appearance on October 12, the father repeated to the court: “I did not punish him. My son is everything to me, he is my only family here. »

Unfortunately for him, the testimony of the mother of the child clearly didn't help. Indeed, she said during the hearing: “on Sunday evening, I took him to pediatrics. He was on a loop, he said: 'Dad shouts, dad hits, dad punishes, dad mean'. » For the mother of the family, the man is absolutely not able to take care of a child. On Sunday, October 9, she had exceptionally agreed to entrust their son to him because he was asking for his father.

His criminal record already has no less than 5 convictions for harassment and death threats against his ex-wife. Between July 1 and 2, he called him 94 times, both day and night. And as if that weren't enough, the 37-year-old father is also known to authorities as a regular consumer of alcohol, narcotics and drugs, a cocktail that can have dramatic consequences.

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The father sentenced by the court

The prosecutor in charge of court case had requested 10 months in prison, including 3 months with a probationary suspension of 2 years against the defendant, a sentence accompanied by the obligation to take care of himself and the prohibition to come into contact with his son and his ex-wife , who requested that her parental authority be withdrawn. Finally, despite the father's lawyer who underlined the regrets that the defendant expressed on several occasions, the court expressed the following verdict: 8 months in prison, including 4 months with a probationary reprieve of 2 years and the obligation of care and work, as well as the prohibition of contact with his ex-wife.

Justice also confirmed that the firm part of the sentence could be carried out at home by wearing an electronic bracelet. Finally, the Laval court ordered compensation for the civil parties in the amount of €1,300 and, as requested by the mother, a total withdrawal of her exercise of parental authority.