He is building a luxury hotel from four shipping containers in the heart of Singapore

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-24 12:59:02

Seah Liang Chiang, an IT professional, decided to leave everything to build a luxury hotel in the heart of Singapore. Zoom.

This is called a successful career change. While working in IT, Seah Liang Chiang decided to embark on a crazy project: to build a luxury hotel in the city center of Singapore with 4 shipping containers. This is after watching the show Tiny House on Netflix that he had this crazy idea.

For two years, Seah Liang Chiang and his wife did everything to build their hotel. In 2020 they launched a hotel chain called Singapore Container Hotel and opened their first hotel in an industrial enclave in central singapore .

A unique hotel complex

Asked by Insider , Seah Liang Chiang clarified that the containers were between 2.4 meters or 7.8 feet long and that a container cost 8000 dollars, or about 8000 euros. In total, he estimates that he spent around 1 million Singapore dollars, or about $700,000 or 700,000 euros, to build the complex. A hotel that he then decorated with luxury furniture. Result: the complex is a hit. Nearly 50 million people have visited the hotel grounds and many customers have thus booked a night in the complex.

A stay that has a price

Each loft, which measures 70 square meters, has a large outdoor patio, a bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a living room and a dining area. A one-night stay costs SG$600 or around €433 to accommodate four people. A luxurious space in the heart of the city with a magnificent garden that has something to please. We let you discover this hotel complex in pictures. You like ?

Source : Insider