He earns 30 million euros but does not tell his relatives for fear that they will become “arrogant and lazy”

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 15:32:02

In China, a man won almost 30 million euros in the lottery and decided not to tell his wife and child, to prevent them from becoming 'arrogant and lazy'.

In China, a resident won the jackpot by playing the lottery since he won nearly 220 million yuan, or nearly 30 million euros. For this, he bought 40 lottery tickets at 80 yuan (11 euros) and luckily, each ticket contained the seven winning numbers.

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Unlike the majority of winners who hasten to announce the good news to their loved ones, the Chinese has decided not to tell his family . The reason ? He is afraid that his wife and child will become 'arrogant and lazy'.

'I didn't tell my wife or my child. I fear that they will feel superior to others and that they will not work or study seriously in the future and become arrogant” , said the winner.

He becomes a millionaire and does not tell his family

Although the man did not tell his wife that he had won, this sum legally belongs to both members of the couple since it is a common good. According to a lawyer contacted by local Chinese media, hiding his gain to his wife could be wrongdoing. According to Chinese marriage law, the wife is entitled to know the money earned by her husband.

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To keep his secret, the man dressed up as a cartoon character during the check presentation ceremony. If this decision seems surprising, it is not rare in China and is often used to protect the anonymity of the winners. In addition to this, the man goes by the pseudonym Li.

Still in the secret, Li has already donated nearly 5 million yuan (700,000 euros) to charity. From now on, he will have to use stratagems if he wants to spend his money without arousing the suspicions of his family...

Source : South China Morning Post