He buys a school bus and transforms it into an adorable house on wheels, the result is breathtaking

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-24 20:00:02

In the United States, a man bought a school bus with the aim of renovating it. Today, the property is available on Airbnb and is a huge success.

In 2014, Will Sutherland, an American from West Virginia, purchased a school bus for the sum of 1000 dollars (about 920 euros).

Photo Credit: Sabrina Hartley

At the time, the young man - then aged 27 - was working as an audiovisual technician and had just finished work on his house. After putting his professional career on hold, the latter set out to find a “fun project”.

It was in this context that Will set his sights on a school bus. His goal was to turn it into a small small house on wheels. And the least we can say is that the handyman has won his bet hands down.

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

A profitable decision

As the owner of the vehicle specifies, the renovation work lasted three months. In total, he spent nearly 1500 dollars (1380 euros) for all the work. The bus has a small cozy lounge, a comfortable double bed, a mini-fridge, a wood-burning stove and a veranda.

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

Following the advice of a friend, Will decided to rent his place on Airbnb . Note that the room does not contain a toilet and shower. Therefore, the host shares his personal bathroom with his guests, located in his main residence.

But this device seems to be suitable for vacationers and other tourists. For several years, the bus has been a huge success on the rental site.

« The bus was an intermediary to keep my head above water, and the income generated by the rentals allowed me to reduce my debts and my student loans “, explained Will in the columns of the magazine Insider.

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

More than comfortable Airbnb income

Today, the Airbnb rate is set at $89 per night, but the amount fluctuates depending on the season. Building on this first success, Will built a treehouse himself, also available on the platform.

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

Photo credit: Sabrina Hartley

In 2021, the American collected the sum of 50,000 dollars (about 46,114 euros). He decided to quit his job to start renovating school buses in order to resell them.

« I want to enjoy working on my projects while being a host. I approach each day with the goal of helping someone, doing something for me, for my property, for my family, and doing something fun but productive. »

Source : Insider