Hawaii: A man and a woman rescue a 15-year-old girl kidnapped by a stranger

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-21 15:08:01

In Hawaii, a teenage girl kidnapped by a stranger for several hours was rescued by a man and a woman.

Saturday September 17, a teenager hawaiian who had been abducted the day before at knifepoint, was rescued by two Good Samaritans who recognized her in a restaurant.

The day before, 15-year-old Mikella Debina and her boyfriend were on a secluded beach when a man armed with a knife approached them. According to local authorities, the man allegedly asked the teenager to tie up and blindfold the girl.

Mikella Debina. Credit Photo : Facebook

Still according to the authorities, the man would have left the beach with Mikella. As People magazine points out, local media released photos of the teenager, and an AMBER Alert was issued. This is an alert system set up in North America when a removal child is reported.

A heroic rescue

The next day, Mikella and her alleged abductor went to a cafe near the town of Hilo. On site, the establishment's host, Bridge Hartman, sensed that something was wrong.

The latter recognized the victim when she began to fight with her kidnapper: “ I shouted “It’s the girl! She's the girl from Amber Alert ! '. For her part, Kori Takaki, a customer of the restaurant, did not hesitate to help Mikella.

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The two heroes grabbed the girl before pulling her to safety in the back of the restaurant, away from the suspect. Meanwhile, someone had already called 911, and Hartman asked the cafe patrons to hold the man.

Mikella Debina's alleged abductor, Duncan Mahi, 52, has been arrested. He is charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, terrorism threat, theft and methamphetamine trafficking.

Duncan Mahi. Crédit Photo : Hawaii Police Department

Source : People