Harry Potter: this escape game on the wizarding world has opened... in an old church

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 21:19:02

In the Tarn, three escape game rooms have opened in an old church, which has been transformed to accommodate players keen on puzzles.

In Castres, in the Tarn, a church dating from 1890 and 300m2 large was deconsecrated in 2012. Seeing that the place was empty, two business leaders from the city decided to buy it.

Photo credit: Escape The Game

Quentin Doulcier and Steven Veiller bought the chapel two years ago and completely transformed it with the aim of making it... a place of escape game !

An escape game in an old church

This Saturday, October 29, the former church opened to welcome escape game enthusiasts, a game that consists of solving puzzles in a given time. For the occasion, the church has been renovated and now contains several game rooms, a shop with derivative products, a refreshment and snack area as well as a reception area.

Photo credit: Escape The Game

One of the escape game themes offered is based on the universe of the saga Harry Potter . The old church seems perfectly suited for this theme, since its architecture makes the decor even more magical. When players enter the escape room, they must first choose their house before solving magical puzzles. Inside the old church, the flags of the four houses of the saga were raised.

Two other rooms are also available. One, entitled 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' allows you to be scared, while the other, 'Lupin's Legacy' offers players to slip into the shoes of the famous investigator. An unforgettable experience in a place like no other.

Source : The Dispatch