Harry Potter: actor Tom Felton reveals the colossal salary he received for the saga

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 18:32:02

The unforgettable interpreter of Draco Malfoy recently published his memoirs at just 35 years old. If the British actor reveals a lot of anecdotes of his young years in the shoes of the rival wizard of Harry Potter, he also reveals the big salary he received for all these years.

Credit: Warner Bros.

On October 13, Tom Felton brought out his memoirs, Beyond the Wand : The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard , ( Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Chaos of a Sorcerer's Childhood , in French). In his book, the actor reveals himself as never before and discusses various subjects, from his relationship with the other members of the cast, in particular Emma Watson , of his fight against alcoholism after the saga to success or his fabulous salary.

Since this revelation, the press around the world has relayed the figure revealed by Tom Felton. The English media The Mirror even charted each comedian's salaries against their screen time.

The fabulous salary and Tom Felton and the actors of Harry Potter

Credit: Ebury Spotlight

In his book, Tom Felton naturally reveals that he received a total of 14 million pounds (or 16.3 million euros) for the entire saga Harry Potter . Even if this figure is significant, it is less than his acolytes who formed the main trio, Daniel Radcliff , Emma Watson et Rupert Grint.

The latter respectively received 84 million, 60 million and 37 million pounds for the entire saga. Figures that make you even more dizzy when The Mirror reveals the salary of actors (in pounds therefore) per minute.

Thus, in this proportion, it is Tom Felton who leaves winning. With 31 minutes of screen time for the entire saga (!), the interpreter of Draco Malfoy gained 451,613 pounds per minute. For comparison, Emma Watson hit 292,682 pounds per minute and Rupert Grint 175,355 pounds per minute. While Daniel Radcliff, despite his higher on-screen playing time of 539 minutes, hit 155,844 pounds per minute.