Harassed for years at school, a 13-year-old boy committed suicide on the first day of school

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 12:36:03

Harassed for several years at school, a young boy left his family and his college friends in turmoil after taking his own life on the first day of school.

Credit: WRAL

Austin Pendergrass was 13 when he performed this desperate act in his school from North Carolina. It was in the toilets of Wendell Middle School that the body of the young boy was found by two students on September 6, the day of the new school year in the United States.

Faced with this serious situation, the school officials decided to send all the students home because of “ medical crisis '. Twenty days after his disappearance, Austin's family has confirmed that the teenager took his own life after years of school harassment .

« It was so hard last year [for Austin] with kids making fun of him, hurting him , explained a friend of the family, Jalia Harris, during a vigil organized the day after the tragedy. VS is sad for us, but it should be a lesson for everyone ».

« He was able to enjoy the summer, but as soon as he returned to school on Tuesday the bullying started again “, declared his mother, Jessica Pendergrass, to the chain WRAL.

“Just teach your kids to be nice”

Credit: WRAL

At the vigil, family and loved ones gathered dressed in red, Austin's favorite color, before releasing balloons into the sky. An important support for his mother who would have liked let Austin know that all those people were there to support him ». « I just wish he didn't feel so alone “said his mother.

Jessica Pendergrass remembers her son as smart, kind, good at jokes and always helpful: “ He always came to see me at the car when I came home [asking] 'Mom, do you need help bringing something?' ».

Sensitive to ecology and the sea turtles he adored, Austin was part of a group from the middle School who cared about animal welfare. He refused to use plastic straws because they threaten sea turtles.

Credit: WRAL

Austin's disappearance came the day the Wake County School Board was to receive a presentation on suicide prevention.

Today, Jessica Pendergrass wants to send a message to all parents: “Just teach your kids to be nice, because kids can be so cruel ».

Source : daily Mail