Harassed at school, a teenager returns home with 38 bruises, his father rants

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-15 18:39:01

Earlier this month, a teenager was violently beaten by one of his classmates in Haute-Marne. A violence denounced by his dad who does not take off.

And we're talking about school harassment !

While millions of children returned to school in early September in a mixture of excitement and apprehension, this return to school turned into a real nightmare for a schoolboy in Haute-Marne, victim of violence from one of his comrades who did not seek to deny the facts.

Beaten up, this young adolescent , educated in the boarding school of the Cresso de Joinville college, returned home on September 9 with 38 bruises, noted by a doctor.

Incredible violence!

Angry, his father ranted on Twitter, denouncing in particular the inaction of the establishment, which at first had not reacted, at least not enough in the eyes of the parents of the victim, before finally to exclude the violent student.

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His harassed son comes home with 38 bruises, he rages

Joined by our colleagues from France 3, the father – who filed a complaint – explained the situation.

« It started with light blows in the yard (…) And it became much more important since he returned [the evening of September 9] with 38 bruises on his body “, thus told Frédéric B.

« He didn't even know this young man since before, he was educated in another college... I still have a child who is very reserved, who does not expose his feelings very much: whether they are happy or sad . He kept it all to himself for five days, he didn't tell a referent adult about it. He asked the boy who was hitting him why he was doing it: he said it was. He didn't give a valid reason. There is never any “, continued the person concerned.

And to add: [Monday, September 12], his mother went to the college at 8:00 a.m. to be received by the deputy principal, the CPE and the nurse. And they tried, on my terms since I feel like that, to cover it up by saying they were going to be very careful, but they didn't understand why [his son] hadn't come forward. and that we had to assert ourselves. What is assertiveness? Return blows? They said they were going to summon the young perpetrator ».

Cresso College in Joinville. Photo credit: DR

Separated from the mother of his son, of whom he does not have custody, Frédéric B. also explained that his ex-wife wanted to take the teenager to the doctor to have his injuries noted, but everything did not happen. as expected. ' They (the CPE and the nurse editor's note) made him understand that he had to stay in the establishment, and that everything was going to be fine from now on. When I found out, I protested, because our son couldn't stay with a body like that: beatings on both legs, on his arms. I was not happy because even the nurse present in the establishment did not even listen to him, or look at him, or even advise him to go to a doctor. It's still amazing “, he added.

« What saddens me is that since Monday, I have been asking the principal of this college, of which this is the first year here, to call me. I did not hear back when I asked to be called back to be informed of the consequences, again this [Wednesday, September 14] I had the deputy principal and I told her that it was the main that I wanted to have. We are not in a holding company where you have to go through services. There comes a time when I want to speak to the person in charge, the one who, at some point, will make the decision to convene the disciplinary council. But I have no feedback and I find that we minimize the thing a lot “, he still lamented.

And to conclude: We are supposed to do everything necessary today so that school, physical and psychological harassment is taken care of by educational teams and professionals. And I have the impression that no, that we suffocate that. Because I know that these people are followed and noted on the way they manage a school establishment. It bothers me a lot. So there comes a time when you have to make noise, whether it's for my son or anyone... But it has to happen to us to realize that things are not right. ».

Frédéric B. was finally able to discuss with the principal of the middle School and their discussion reassured the father of the family, as evidenced by these two tweets that he posted this Thursday, December 14.

Source : France 3