Halloween: 20 makeup ideas for girls that are easy to achieve

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 11:11:01

A witch costume, skeleton or pumpkin makeup, scary (fake) scars… here are 20 easy-to-make Halloween makeup ideas for children. It's your turn !

The halloween party fast approaching. But don't worry if you haven't found a disguise for your children yet. Here are 20 cute or scary makeup ideas that are easy to do… even at the last moment. Witch, zombie or even clown makeup, to do with the pencils and palette you have in your closet. It's your turn.

20 kids makeup ideas for Halloween

1) Children's makeup for Halloween: a cute skeleton

To achieve skeleton makeup, you don't need a lot of products. A little black and white paint, to be applied with pencil or brush, and you're done. For more originality, do not cover your child's entire face (as in the tutorial to follow here ). Matched with a black and white costume covered in bones, your son or daughter will cause a stir.

Halloween makeup: a cute skeleton / Photo credit: Istock

2) Children's makeup for Halloween: a mini Cruella from Hell

Children love Disney cartoons. And, for Halloween, the villain costumes are perfect. To transform your little girl into Cruella de Vil, villain of 101 Dalmatians, a black and white wig (or a little spray for an ephemeral coloring), a little black liner and lipstick are enough to have an effect.

Halloween makeup: a mini Cruella from Hell / Photo credit: Pinterest

3) Children's makeup for Halloween: a little zombie

No time to waste on makeup? The simplest solution is to transform your child into a zombie, with a little white eyeshadow to give a pale complexion and a little black or purple for dark circles. To help you, follow the tutorial here .

Halloween: a little zombie /Photo credit: Istock

4) Children's makeup for Halloween: a pretty pumpkin

The pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween. And if you don't want to invest in an orange disguise, you can opt for a pumpkin makeup, simple to achieve. All you need is orange, black, and some green face paint.

Halloween makeup: a pretty pumpkin / Photo credit: Istock

5) Children's makeup for Halloween: a scary Maleficent

Take inspiration from the character played by Angelina Jolie in Maleficent for a spooky makeup look for your daughter. You need green face paint and lipstick. All you have to do is add the horns for a terrifying result. The tutorial is here .

Halloween makeup: a scary Maleficent / Photo credit: Youtube

6) Children's makeup for Halloween: a colorful skull

Halloween is a very important holiday in Mexico: it is the Dia de Los Muertos. For the occasion, Mexican men and women wear colorful and flowery skull makeup. A little white make-up to cover the face, black pencil drawings of flowers around the eyes, touches of color, and you have a colorful and festive make-up. Adorable on a child.

Halloween: a colorful skull / Photo credit: Istock

7) Children's makeup for Halloween: a terrifying vampire

A classic costume for Halloween: the vampire. A little fake blood and pointy fake teeth (which you can draw under your child's mouth so as not to impose a denture on him) and you have a perfect costume.

Halloween makeup: a terrifying vampire / Photo credit: Istock

8) Children's makeup for Halloween: a cute Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad character is perfect for a Halloween costume. As for accessories, all you need is a baseball bat and scrunchies for duvets; on the makeup side, blue and red eyeshadow, a little lipstick and a black pencil.

Halloween makeup: a cute Harley Quinn / Photo credit: Istock

9) Children's makeup for Halloween: a nice leopard

If you want to opt for a more cute than scary makeup for your child, turn him into a nice leopard by drawing brown spots and a black muzzle on his face. Adorable !

Halloween: a nice leopard / Photo credit: Istock

10) Children's makeup for Halloween: a horrible witch

Your child already has witch's hat ? Decorate his disguise, by drawing a cobweb on his cheek, by putting a wart on his nose. It's easy, and effective.

Halloween makeup: a horrible witch / Photo credit: Istock

11) Children's makeup for Halloween: a super spiderman

Kids love superheroes. To be in the Halloween theme , pumpkins and spiders, the most suitable is certainly spiderman. All you need is a palette with red, black and white to make a Spider-Man mask.

Halloween makeup: a super Spiderman / Credit: Istock

12) Children's makeup for Halloween: a mini Snow Queen

Who says all kids have to be spooky for Halloween? If your daughter is a fan of the Snow Queen, please her with an Anna costume. A blue dress, a braid and a blue and white make-up with snowflakes and voila.

Halloween: a mini Snow Queen / Credit: Pinterest

13) Children's makeup for Halloween: a terrifying clown

Clowns are meant to be fun, but they're often terrifying. Like that of That . It is therefore ideal for Halloween makeup, simple to achieve with a little white and lipstick.

Halloween: a terrifying clown / Photo credit: Istock

14) Children's makeup for Halloween: an adorable Batman

Draw a bat mask over your kids eyes and you have an adorable Batman or a gorgeous Batgirl. A black cape and you have the perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween makeup: Batman or Batgirl /Photo credit: Pinterest

15) Children's makeup for Halloween: a cute cat

Whiskers, a little muzzle and ears, and you have a cute Halloween cat makeup.

Halloween makeup: a cute cat /Credit: Istock

16) Children's makeup for Halloween: a scary Chucky

Chucky is definitely one of the scariest horror movie characters. To transform your child into Chucky, all you need to do is draw a few scars with fake blood, and small freckles with a red wig. Guaranteed effect.

Halloween makeup: a scary Chucky /Photo credit: Pinterest

17) Children's makeup for Halloween: a cute Minnie

With black and pink makeup, turn your girl into Minnie. Such a cute costume!

Halloween: a cute Minnie / Credit: Pinterest

18) Children's makeup for Halloween: a scary doll

Transform your adorable doll into a scary doll. With makeup, make your daughter look like a patched up doll. Creepy.

Halloween: a scary doll / Credit: Pinterest

19) Children's makeup for Halloween: a pretty Queen of Hearts

The villain from Alice in Wonderland is ideal for a Halloween costume. A little white on the face, a heart-shaped mouth, and it's perfect. Adorable and scary at the same time.

Halloween makeup: a pretty Rein de Coeur / Credit: Pinterest

20) Kids Halloween Makeup: Darth Maul

For child Star Wars fans, a Darth Maul costume is ideal. For this, you need black and red makeup, and patience to completely cover your child's face.

Halloween : Dark Maul / Photo credit: Youtube