Grammys: Madonna appears unrecognizable on stage, fans can't believe it

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-06 12:32:02

The great mass of American (and world) music was held on the night of Sunday February 5 to Monday February 6 in Los Angeles. Besides the coronations of Harry Styles, Beyoncé and Adele, it is Madonna who has particularly attracted attention, and it is not for her music.

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When presenting Sam Smith's performance, it's none other than the Queen of Pop, Madonna , who spoke. On the giant screen that lights up the room Grammys in the background, three silhouettes of the American star from different periods are shown.

In the foreground, all dressed in black, a personality appears, micro in hand to deliver a speech about courage. If the speech has remained somewhat in the shadows, it is on the other hand the face of its speaker that has caught the attention.

For good reason, it was Madonna, unrecognizable, her face changed.

'Madonna doesn't even look like Madonna'

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« I'm here to thank all the rebels out there, who are forging a new path by incurring their wrath because of this. You know who you are the troublemakers, you must know that your fearlessness does not go unnoticed “Launched Madonna in front of the camera.

She continues her speech, you are seen, you are heard and above all, you are appreciated “, before giving way to Sam Smith.

Contrary to the expectations of the Queen of pop, it was less her words and more her face, unrecognizable, which made Internet users react.

« Madonna who? Can't it be her? How is it possible ? “, is offended a user.

« I really wish Madonna had never touched her face, there really was no reason. She was going to age beautifully. She has always been beautiful another writes.

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« Madonna doesn't even look like Madonna. Who was it ? too weird “says a fan.

« I adore Madonna. I really love it. But lord what did she do to her face asks someone else.

« This Is Madonna's Worst Narcissistic Speech At The #GRAMMYs Since Giving Aretha Franklin That Tribute That Wasn't One ».

Despite her undoubted popularity, Madonna is not often unanimous, although she remains supported by a large number of her fans.

Source : New York Post