'Go out with me': single, he puts his photo on a billboard to find love

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-06 17:09:02

To put an end to celibacy, a young British man used a method that was original to say the least.

Find the love sometimes comes under the obstacle course and a good number of singles seem resigned, as if giving up, heartbroken, at the idea of ​​one day meeting the ideal person.

Some eternal romantics (or optimists, it depends) however keep hope and believe hard as iron, regardless of the means.

This is particularly the case of a certain Ed Chapman, originally from Leeds in the north of England, who decided to use great means to find the woman of his life.

Crédit Photo : Caters News Agency

He posts his photo on a billboard to finally find love

To put the odds on his side, this young British 23-year-old decided to display his photo, accompanied by the caption 'Date me' ('Go out with me') on a panel advertising giant, located along a highway.

At the bottom of the image is an email address created by the bachelor so that potential suitors can contact him directly.

An unusual technique!

Crédit Photo : Caters News Agency

« I decided I had to try something different and thought having my own billboard would be a great way to meet people. “, Explains the young man to the Daily Mirror.

« I did the billboard design myself and took my own photo, which was one of the hardest things. I tried on lots of different outfits and poses and made sure I had a good haircut before taking the picture “, continues Ed Chapman who confides that the panel turns out” much bigger than he thought.

This is the property of the English company 75edia, which rents this insert to the young man.

And the method seems to be bearing fruit since the person concerned has “ received (his) first message the same day the panel was put up”, then “a few messages from women aged 18 to 48 ».

What soon display his happiness?

Source : Daily Mirror