Gardening idea: 20 inspirations to arrange it well

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-27 15:49:44

There is no shortage of ideas for creating a garden in your image. Here are our tips for a successful landscaping project.

1- Create a multi-storey garden

An idea to create a tiered garden Credit: Elenathewise

yes he exterior of your home does not allow you to create a large garden, this alternative should please you. build a terrace garden will allow you to plant different varieties of plants while optimizing space. The pronounced unevenness of your land will no longer be a headache. Indeed, your garden will be more functional. Do not hesitate to create a small staircase to facilitate access to the house while providing a small decorative touch on your exterior.

2- Installer un mobilier en fer

A model of iron furniture ideal for gardens Credit: HannamariaH

In order to successfully design your garden, choose the right furniture. The wrought iron furniture are ideal for outdoors. They are weatherproof and offer a good lifespan. At the model level, the choice will depend on the type of decoration you want to highlight. For a beautiful country atmosphere, you will find the rare pearl in the flea markets. The advantage of garden furniture is that it offers a look that is both elegant and vintage.

3- Multiply the greenery

A garden rich in greenery Credit: Akabei

A good dose of greenery will allow you to create a lush exterior . You can play with the different shades of green for a guaranteed effect. Between the flowers, the succulents and the lawn, the choice is multiple. All you have to do is use your creative mind to design a decor that suits you. Adding some green climbing plants to the wall is also a good idea. If necessary, you can seek advice from a professional landscaper .

4- Opt for wooden flooring

A garden with a wooden floor Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Wood is a popular material in gardens. Indeed, it requires less maintenance than grass and lawn. Aesthetically, a flooring in wood is more elegant and modern. It brings charm to your space and creates a Zen atmosphere. The choice of materials is quite extensive. If you have a small budget, you can opt for a sun on pin . Otherwise, exotic wood flooring is also an interesting alternative.

5- Design a birdhouse

A model nesting box for birds Credit: Paul Schraven

The birdhouse is one of the essential accessories in a garden . Apart from its contribution to the preservation of biodiversity, it is a decorative element in its own right. It beautifies your trees and brings a touch of freshness to your relaxation area. If you are a DIY enthusiast, it will be easy for you to make a pretty birdhouse yourself. Otherwise, you will easily find the model adapted to your outdoor decor style in specialty stores.

6- Create a gravel mulch

A garden with gravel mulch Credit: Lari Bat

If you want to set up a mediterranean style garden , you can exploit the ground cover very well by creating a gravel mulch on it. Apart from bringing a decorative touch to your walkways, this alternative will prevent you from losing too much water. Gravel mulches also make weed control easier. In order to make your mulch a success, carry out the operation after the rain and apply in a thick layer. Add a layer of compost to better stabilize the light materials you will use (straws, leaves, etc.).

7- Exploit the relief

A beautiful garden amenagement Credit: piovesempre

If you have a large space, you can very well exploit the relief by transforming it into a terrace. For this, you will need wood and various DIY tools . If you are not a DIY enthusiast, you can seek professional help and seek advice from a landscaper. You will create a personalized space that will please the whole family. For a nice decorative touch, install a few trendy accessories like a hammock, colorful cushions, lanterns...

8- Build a green wall from wooden pallets

A wall made of wooden pallets Credit: Archideaphoto

The recycling wooden pallets is also an alternative to make your garden landscaping project a success. These boxes used to transport various goods can be transformed into a green wall. To do this, simply place them in the desired location. You can place your flower pots there or grow some climbing plants. Be careful, if you plan to plant aromatic plants , first make sure that your pallets have not suffered any chemical treatment .

9- Create a vegetable garden with pallets

An example of a vegetable garden made with wooden pallets Credit: jess311

The vegetable garden is a must in gardens of today. It allows you to adopt a healthier lifestyle while creating a country atmosphere in your home. It is possible to create this type of space while saving some money. To do this, you only have to recycle a few wooden pallets square in shape. Fill them with soil and plant your plants there. As these will grow between the beds, harvesting will be easy.

10- Build a tree house

A small cabin in the trees Credit: Ben-Schonewille

The treehouse is a timeless feature in large gardens. In addition to bringing character to your outdoor courtyard, it will also serve as a play area for your children. With the right materials and a creative mind, it is entirely possible to build a cabin yourself. However, before starting work, make sure that the tree in question is able to support such a weight. Do not hesitate to consult the different online tutorials to make your cabin a success.

11- Use large pots with a trendy design

An XXL pot model for your outdoor plants Credit: Techa Tungateja

Giant-sized pots are recommended if you want to create a trendy garden. They allow you to display your large plants with originality and style . You can choose between several colors depending on your outdoor decor. Between the large white, gray and black flower pots, the choice is vast. You can also bet on warmer and more vibrant colors like red, orange and yellow for a colorful space.

12- Create a window on a covered terrace

A covered terrace with an unobstructed view of the garden Credit: PC Photography

If you can afford big jobs, the creating a window in your covered terrace is a good design idea. This operation consists of cutting the wall to create an opening as elegant as it is functional. She will make you enjoy a amazing views on your vegetation. In order to bring a touch of freshness and chic to the decor, you can very well hang a light voile curtain.

13- Dress the wooden claustra wall

A well-landscaped garden Credit: gyro

If you want to separate your outdoor dining room of your garden, there is nothing better than a wooden trellis. The latter will create a shaded area that will allow the whole family to relax quietly during the summer . The claustra is also a solution to protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbours, to beautify your vegetable garden and to support your climbers . It is available in many shapes and sizes to fit all your needs.

14- Transform the fence into a decorative element

A fenced garden Credit: SVproduction

For a successful garden design, do not neglect the fence. In addition to mark out the land , it also plays a decorative role. In small gardens, prefer fences dotted with climbing plants. They will help you optimize space and give a vision of grandeur. They will also make the exterior of your home even more aesthetic and warm. On the market, you will have the choice between different materials and shapes (the composite wood garden fence , in PVC, in fer…).

15- Use modular furniture

Foldable garden chairs Credit: Kristin Mitchell

To arrange a small cocooning garden , the use of modular furniture is an ingenious idea. Folding chairs and tables specially designed for the outdoors offer significant space savings. They also have the advantage of adapting to all styles of garden thanks to their design and finish. Do not hesitate to add some colorful cushions for more comfort and originality during sunny days.

16- Multiply flowering shrubs

Shrubs and flowers beautifying a garden Credit: Elenathewise

If you want to create a beautiful bucolic garden , plant several species of flowering shrubs. These will bring a note of freshness and romance to your space. The Céanothe, the serviceberry from Canada, the hydrangea and the orange tree from Mexico are among the most beautiful plants to adopt. Apart from their good lifespan, they are easy to maintain and adapt to all climatic conditions.

17- Create a Japanese garden

A Japanese garden for inspiration Credit: Delpixart

The japanese gardens invite you to relax and get away from it all. If you want to create this type of space in your home, do not neglect any detail. Bamboo hedges are appreciated. You can also create stone paved paths, a pretty pond, a small space for tea... And for a successful layout, do not hesitate to ask for the opinion of a landscaper . This professional will help you create a garden that suits you.

18- Use salvage items

A beautiful vegetable garden Credit: Rawpixel

If you want do something for the environment , why not transform some recycled objects into decorative elements for your garden? You can, for example, use wooden pallets to plant your fruits and vegetables, transform a few plastic bottles into flowerpots, use your used watering cans as vases... You will find many ideas in the tutorials posted on the Net.

19- Add light garlands

Fairy lights in a garden Credit: Martin Koebsch

For a cozy garden and at the forefront of the trend, do not neglect the brightness. Adding some LED light garlands in this space will make it more pleasant and convivial. The idea is to hang this type of lighting above your chairs and tables. You can also install it along your fence or your driveway. For more originality, you can very well add other light sources such as a floor lamp.

20- Install concrete slabs

A garden with concrete slabs Credit: PaulMaguire

For a well laid out garden, you can also install slabs in concrete . This type of flooring is beneficial. It is resistant to bad weather and heavy weights. It is also non-slip, which makes it ideal for reducing risks. The concrete slabs in the gardens are also aesthetic and facilitate the furniture installation . The latter will be more stable compared to a lawn or gravel covering. You can also install garden pallets .