Furnishing a bedroom: 10 rules to follow

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-25 12:40:02

Where should the bed be placed in relation to the windows? What lights to install in a bedroom? Which paint colors to choose? Here are ten rules to follow for the layout of a room where it is good to live (and sleep).

When we move in, we often focus on the layout and decoration of the salon and the kitchen, rooms in the house where you feel you spend most of your days and evenings. And we often leave the layout of the bedroom, where we spend all our nights, until later. However, The layout and layout of the bedroom (for parents or children) is essential for living well at home and especially for sleeping well. The placement of the bed (especially in relation to the openings), the light and the lighting, as well as the furniture and accessories installed in a bedroom have a significant impact on well-being and sleep. Here are ten rules to follow to arrange a room ideally.

10 tips for decorating a bedroom

Advice n°1 for the arrangement of a room: the choice of the bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It is therefore essential to start the layout of the bedroom with the choice of the bed, the model of which will differ according to the size of the room, if it is a small bedroom, a large space, a rectangular bedroom, a bedroom under the roof , a child's bedroom or a parental suite. All these criteria must be taken into account when choosing the model of bed whose proportions must adapt to the room. For a master bedroom, the room must measure at least 8 m2 to accommodate a double bed, storage space and two bedside tables. A guest bedroom may be smaller. Depending on the space, it is therefore preferable to opt for un lit double standard (140 cm x 190 cm) rather than un lit king size (200 cm x 200 cm) , Or vice versa. Depending on the layout of a child's room, it is possible to opt for a standard single bed, for a double bed, for a high bed or for a cabin bed. The options are many.

When choosing the bed model, it is essential to test the mattress , essential for good sleep. Some will prefer a firm mattress for good body support, others will prefer a soft mattress. Pillows and other accessories are also necessary for a good night's sleep. Do not neglect the bed furniture!

Tips for planning a bedroom: choose your bed, mattress and pillows according to the size of the room / Credit: Unsplash

Advice n°2 for the arrangement of a room: the placement of the bed

Again, bed placement depends on the room and its features. However, there are a few essential rules. For better falling asleep and better sleep, it is recommended to orient the head of the bed facing the entrance door of the room , but it is not recommended to place the bed facing a window. It is therefore preferable to place the bed parallel to the openings to the outside, so as to have a view of the side windows. It is also better to place the headboard against a wall rather than leaving the bed floating in the middle of the room. However, you have to think about center the bed in the bedroom , especially in the master bedroom with a double bed to allow both people to have space to access the bed and to move around.

As for the considerations of orientation of the headboard to the North , they vary according to beliefs. According les principles Feng Shui , sleeping with your head to the North would capture the good vibes for peaceful nights. However, according to the Hindu Vastu Shastra custom, this would disturb sleep and disrupt blood circulation, while Ayurveda advises against sleeping with your feet to the south, which would have the effect of causing nightmares and degrading the quality of sleep. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra recommend sleeping with your head facing East for more relaxation. But, if you don't want to take any risks, orient your bed towards the West, a position considered neutral, therefore having no effect (positive or negative) on sleep.

Bedroom design tips: Don't place your bed against a window / Credit: Unsplash

Bedroom design tip #3: the headboard

When we think of headboards, we often think of raw wooden headboards, sometimes in the rococo style, of grandmothers' houses. But it's not just that. It is possible to have a trendy headboard, a headboard with a retro style, or even to recycle using, for example, a palette for a modern style. In short, there's something for everyone. And, we must not forget that a headboard is essential to avoid damaging the paint on the walls or the wallpaper.

Tips for furnishing a bedroom: the headboard is essential to avoid damaging the paint / Credit: Unsplash

Bedroom design tip #4: wall colors

In a bedroom, it is better to avoid leaving the walls white. It has the effect of giving the impression of a hospital room. It is therefore preferable to opt for colors… but not just any colors. The bedroom should be a space for relaxation, rest, it is better to avoid garish colors, such as fluorescent yellow or firecracker red, but prefer light, bright, reassuring colors, soft tones . There are many soothing shades, ideal for a bedroom (for parents or children) such as the pastels . For a trendy bedroom, it is possible to paint the walls in duck blue or water green. the terracotta is also fashionable. Of course, it is possible to paint only one wall in color and leave the rest white, or vice versa, or to opt for a color match. Another possibility: choose wallpaper. The trend is currently for panoramic wallpapers with floral motifs, jungles and other landscapes, which, installed on a single wall of the room, make it possible to create a pretty universe.

Bedroom design tips: add color to your bedroom walls / Credit: Unsplash

Bedroom Design Tip #5: The Importance of Curtains

For ideal sleep, it is best to block out the light can enter through the bedroom window(s). Thus, if there are no shutters, it is advisable to opt for blackout blinds or curtains. There are many styles: velvet curtains, linen curtains, floral curtains, sheers… in short, there is something for everyone (and for every budget). Beyond obscuring the light, curtains or blinds also have the advantage of removing the vis-à-vis, especially in urban areas. Privacy is needed in a bedroom and you have to think about protecting yourself from prying eyes. In addition to curtains and blinds, you can also opt for adhesive film, which however has the disadvantage that it cannot be removed when desired.

Bedroom design tips: don’t forget the curtains to block out the light / Credit: Unsplash

Tip #6 for bedroom design: storage

It is essential to provide some storage furniture in the room . Install a wardrobe, wardrobe and/or chest of drawers in your bedroom so that you have your clothes to hand when you get up in the morning or when you go to bed. Prefer closed dressing rooms, so as not to see overflowing drawers. Consider the accessibility of placards in the room at the time of development, especially in a small space. There are tips for saving space in a narrow bedroom, such as drawers under the bed, for storing linens, for example.

Tips for furnishing a bedroom: install storage furniture / Credit: Unsplash

Advice n°7 for the arrangement of a bedroom: the bedside table

So as not to have to get up in the evening or at night, you have to think about providing a bedside table , or even two, on each side of the bed, for a master bedroom. It is essential furniture for a bedroom. They allow you to put books, magazines, water bottles, alarm clocks, medicines and any other accessories you may need. The ideal is to place the bedside table(s) 10 centimeters from the head of the bed.

Tips for furnishing a bedroom: essential furniture in a bedroom, the bedside table / Credit: Unsplash

Bedroom Design Tip #8: Lights

In a room, it takes two light sources of different intensities to modulate the lighting . For example, a ceiling lamp, a floor lamp or several spotlights for general lighting in the room (used before going to bed or for dressing when getting up, for example), as well as a bedside lamp or a reading light for reading before sleep. For lights near the bed, remember to place the switches within easy reach and on each side of the bed, so you don't have to get up or disturb your partner. To promote sleep, it is best to opt for dim lights .

Advice for furnishing a bedroom: remember to provide a bedside lamp / Credit: Unsplash

Advice n°9 for the arrangement of a room: the decoration

To feel good at home and especially in the privacy of your room, do not hesitate to decorate it to your taste. Whether with posters, photos, works or any other decorative objects... Decoration is essential : it allows you to personalize the room and bring color. Moreover, the color can also be found in accessories and bed linen. For a sober and modern style, prefer plain fabrics. For more eccentricity, you can bet on the patterns. In short, create the decor that you like down to the smallest detail. Note, however, that bright colors for linens are more suitable for summer. In winter, we prefer more neutral tones.

Tips for decorating a bedroom: have fun with the decor / Credit: Unsplash

Bedroom design tip #10: plants

Contrary to popular belief, plants can totally invite themselves into a room . Even though they pump in oxygen and release CO2 at night, they won't suffocate you. Some even have depolluting properties, ideal for a bedroom. And then, they bring color and decoration to the room... if you don't let them fade by forgetting to water it.

Tips for furnishing a bedroom: opt for depolluting plants / Credit: Unsplash