Furious at not getting paid, this reptile catcher releases a deadly snake at his dishonest client

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-24 15:51:03

Focus on the misadventure of an Australian who learned a good lesson by trying to rip off a professional who had come to rescue him from a very bad situation.

L’ Australia is a country large enough for nature to still be preserved there. All the wild animals therefore still enjoy real freedom of movement there and it is not uncommon to come across some of them during a walk.

But some of these encounters can sometimes be funny or even terrifying, especially when you come across people. serpents venomous, which occasionally enter homes.

This very real risk for Australians of coming face to face with dangerous creatures has at least allowed the emergence of a profession that has the wind in its sails: reptile catcher.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher

A snake catcher releases a dangerous specimen at a customer who refuses to pay for it

People exercising this profession have indeed become indispensable in certain regions and it is better not to alienate them.

A somewhat dishonest customer has just experienced this after refusing to pay a catcher, who came to capture a dangerous snake that was prowling in his kitchen. Furious at not being paid for his intervention, the latter released the reptile, causing his client to be scared to death.

Photo credit: Facebook / Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher

This incredible story was told in an Australian podcast by the main interested party, Colin Shoemark, reptile catcher for 6 years.

« I caught a two-meter red-bellied black snake in his kitchen and put it in the bag. And he started saying, 'It should be free, the government or the city council should pay for it. I don't pay you' “, thus reported the catcher.

« I released the snake, it started slithering up my feet and the customer was like, 'What are you doing?', I was like, 'Dude, if you don't pay me , I am going to leave' Colin continued.

Illustration image: Photo credit: DR

Panicked, the man then threatened to call the police, when he was at fault. After a few cold sweats, he finally agreed to pay.

Morality: never scam a reptile catcher.

Source : LadBible