From this Wednesday, Camaïeu stocks are sold in Noz stores

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-09 13:41:01

Almost a month after the closing of the Camaïeu stores, the remaining clothing stocks will be sold in the Noz stores from this Wednesday, November 9. The opportunity to find clothes at low prices.

On Saturday October 1, more than 500 Camaïeu stores closed their doors for good throughout France. One month after closing, stocks of clothes are still unsold, with over 2 million items available.

Last week, an auction was held, which allowed the Noz brand to buy back all the stocks to sell in stores.

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Noz teams now have until November 14 to collect all inventory from old stores and Camaïeu warehouses. A hundred people are currently mobilized to recover the remaining 50,000 boxes.

Camaïeu stocks available at Noz

From this Wednesday, November 9, Camaïeu stocks are available in the 303 Noz stores in France. If the first batches of clothing will arrive on this date, all stocks will be sent to stores throughout the month. The Noz shops closest to the old Camaïeu will be the first to be served.

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On the clothing side, the old collections winter will be offered as a priority since they will be in season. The summer pieces will go on sale next year. Items will be set at bargain prices at discount stores.

“We have nearly 2.4 million items for 4,315,000 euros. The discounts will range from 30 to 50% depending on the collection » , said Sébastien Jaffrès, specializing in judicial liquidations.

The prices have not yet been set for the few pieces from the new Camaïeu collection. These will arrive in stores in December.

Source : The voice of the North