'France has incredible talent' season 17: M6's flagship program returns with a major novelty

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-13 16:08:02

Take out your diaries! The new season of 'France has an incredible talent' will be broadcast from Tuesday, October 18, on M6.

It's official: the cult show broadcast on M6 since 2006 is back. The 17th season of “France has an incredible talent” will unveil its first episode on Tuesday, October 18, from 9:10 p.m.

Photo credit: M6

And the least we can say is that the television show promises to be colorful and rich in novelties. On the program: an exceptional jury, 120 new talents ready to do anything to win the 100,000 euros and a dream audience.

A novelty has slipped into the M6 ​​program

As in previous seasons, presenter Karine Le Marchand will be at the helm of the emission . On the side of the jurors, we will find the singers Marianne James and Hélène Ségara, the Quebec humorist Sugar Sammy, as well as the magician Éric Antoine.

Photo credit: M6

This year, a world novelty has slipped into the program. Indeed, “France has incredible talent” welcomes a fifth judge from the auditions: the public. His role ? Equipped with a remote control, a panel of a hundred spectators will have the task of voting during the performances.

In the event of a tie in the verdict of the jury, the vote of the audience will seal the fate of the candidate in the run-off. As you will have understood, the episodes promise many twists and turns.

France has incredible talent: exceptional shows

Viewers will also attend exceptional performances, and will discover talents each as impressive as the other. This is particularly the case of a yogi aged 99! You will shiver in front of a performance of escapology (art of escape, editor's note) on a crane 60 meters high.

Another novelty: the jury will be able to leave the film set to discover outdoor air shows. But that's not all ! Viewers will get to know the first virtual contestant in the show's history. A star of the song and a star of 'Love is in the meadow' will also be there.

Photo credit: M6

« Never France has an incredible talent has offered so many numbers as bluffing exclaims Marianne James. Unsurprisingly, season 17 of “ France has an unbelievable talent will be placed under the sign of emotion. Finally, 'France has an incredible talent - it continues - will be available in the second part, always presented by the unforgettable Pierre-Antoine Damecour.