For the first time, NASA reveals the recording of the sound of a black hole

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-10 21:38:02

Many of us think there was no sound in space, but that's not true. And that of a black hole recorded by NASA proves it!

Credit: NASAExoplanets/Twitter

NASA scientists have successfully captured sound from the black hole at the center of the Perseus cluster of galaxies, located about 250 million light-years from our solar system. The recording we are talking about today was made in 2003 from acoustic signals identified by the Chandra X-ray Observatory. These could be transcribed in order to be audible to humans.

Until today, these sounds had never been made public, and NASA's Twitter post made it easy for everyone to hear a black hole for the first time. In a related statement, the US space agency said: “A cluster of galaxies contains so much gas that we have picked up real sound. Here it is amplified and mixed with other data to hear a black hole. In this new Perseus sound system, the sound waves that astronomers had previously identified are made audible for the first time. »

How is it possible ?

Space is made largely of emptiness, it is in particular for this reason that we could not hear you scream there because matter is essential to the propagation of sound waves. But in reality, certain areas such as the surroundings of black holes are often charged with gas, which explains why sounds were finally able to be picked up and recorded by the NASA . It is therefore a very rare document, certainly, but indeed real!

Source : NASAExoplanets / Twitter