For Pink October, these Landes firefighters raise awareness of breast cancer by posing... in a bra

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-05 13:24:01

For Pink October, the volunteer firefighters of Sanguinet, in the Landes, posed in front of a fire truck… in their bra. A fun and supportive approach to raising awareness about breast cancer.

October is the month dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer, a disease that affected 2.3 million women in 2020 worldwide. To raise awareness of this disease and screening, actions are multiplying in France with interventions all more original and surprising than each other.

Photo credit: iStock

This is the case in the Landes, since the volunteer firefighters of Sanguinet shared an unexpected photo on social networks to pink october . Seven firefighters, including the head of the center, pose proudly in front of one of their trucks... in their bras.

Firefighters pose in bras

Face uncovered or with a helmet firefighter on the head, there are five of them wearing a bra while the other two hide their breasts with a pink balloon and their hand. The head of the center, himself affected by the disease in his entourage, has made the prevention of breast cancer a priority. It is above all to raise awareness of screening that he decided to take this photo with his colleagues.

'It's a way to support those who know the removal of the breast' , said Lieutenant Stéphane Dupuyau.

Photo credit: Cis Sanguinet

The photo was shared on social networks and was also published in the calendar firefighters 2022, which supports many diseases.

“This photo is the illustration of our month of October , said Stéphane Dupuyau. In November, it will be the girls who will have a mustache for movember, month of the fight against mental health diseases, prostate and testicular cancer. »

A great way to support this disease on a small scale. As a reminder, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women. If caught in time, this cancer can be cured and it is for this reason that awareness and prevention are important, in order to detect it as early as possible.

Source : South West