For more than 70 years, 8 women from the same family have worn the same wedding dress

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 19:22:01

Here is the story of a family that has maintained a unique tradition: for more than 70 years, 8 women from the same family have married with the same dress, which has been used for three generations.

There are close-knit families in which traditions are so strong that they persist over the years. In this family, a custom was born around a wedding dress because for 72 years, eight different women wore the same dress for their wedding.

The story begins with Adele Larson. For her wedding, Adele chose a beautiful wedding dress white satin, with a mandarin collar, lace at the front and at the back of the dress as well as many small buttons covered with fabrics. She wore it at her wedding which took place on September 16, 1950.

Adele on her wedding day. Photo credit: Adele Larson Stoneberg

“She bought it for $100.75 which these days is kinda crazy. When viewed up close, the fabric, satin and lace are truly beautiful and timeless” said Julie Frank Mackey, the bride's niece.

The three sisters wear the same wedding dress

Three years after Adele got married, her younger sister Eleanor also got married. When his mother suggested that he go shopping to find a robe , Eleanor replied that she preferred to wear the same as her sister for her wedding.

Eleanor wore the same dress as her sister. Photo credit: Eleanor Larson

In May 1969, the third sibling, Sharon, also married. And like her two other sisters, she decided to wear the same dress, not by obligation, but because she wanted to.

'When I attended my sisters' weddings, I was 5 and 8, so I don't think I really thought about it. I was a flower girl, I adored my sisters. I just assumed I would wear the dress, not because I felt obligated to, just because my sisters wore it and I thought it was a fun thing to do.' , she confided.

Sharon, the third sister, wore the same dress. Photo credit: Sharon Larson

In order for the dress to remain in good condition over the years, it was always kept by professionals, who had to take the greatest care of it.

The wedding dress was worn by 8 women

If the three sisters got married with the same dress, the story does not end there. Indeed, the tradition continued with the generation next because 20 years after Sharon's wedding, Adele's daughter (Carol) decided to wear the same dress as her mother and aunts.

Adele's daughter had the same wedding dress as her mother. Photo Credit: Carol Milton Zmuda

“It was obvious , said Carol. I am very close to my mother. We are a very tight-knit family so I always thought that when I get married I will wear the same dress. »

Same thing then for Eleanor's first daughter, who therefore became the fifth woman in the family to wear this wedding dress. It was then carried by Jean, the second daughter of Eleanor, who followed the tradition.

Jean, Eleanor's second daughter, with the same wedding dress. Photo credit: Peter Furla / Studio Furla

In February 2013, Julie Frank Mackey, Adele's niece, became the seventh woman to wear the dress. For her wedding, the young woman felt no family pressure and simply wanted to do the same, to honor this beautiful tradition. Taller than the other women, she had to add a ribbon hem to the bottom of her dress. As an accessory, she also wore a veil handmade by her mother.

Julie, Adele's niece, on her wedding day in 2013. Photo credit: Ashley Mitchell Images

Finally, the last woman to wear this dress was Serena, the granddaughter of Adele Larson, who married last August. She too wore another veil handmade by her Aunt Sharon.

So Serena wore the same wedding dress as her grandmother, 72 years later. She also married in the same church.

“It was very special , said Carol. It was truly magical to see Serena walk down the aisle with her father, our cousin, Mark. I get chills talking about it. It was really special, lots of tears in my eyes, tears of joy. It was wonderful ! »

72 years after her grandmother, Serena wore the same dress to the same church. Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

In addition to being a beautiful symbol of union, this wedding dress also seems to bring luck since, for the moment, all the marriages have been happy in this close-knit family.

Source : ABC