Florida: Faced with Hurricane Ian, a resident arms himself with courage to save a cat trapped in the floods

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 16:29:04

As Hurricane Ian battered Florida for the past few days, a resident had the courage to cross torrents of water to save a cat in distress.

This Wednesday, September 28, the hurricane Ian descended on Florida with extreme violence. The storm, category 4, brought strong winds and torrential rains on the country, as well as numerous floods. At least 12 people lost their lives during this natural disaster and according to the American president, this hurricane could be “deadliest in Florida history” .

In Bonita Spring, a resident steeled himself to save a little cat that was trapped during the hurricane. 29-year-old Mike Ross spotted the cat perched on top of what appeared to be an air conditioner, amid a torrent of water caused by downpours.

Photo credit: @MeganScavo

The cat, lost in the middle of the water, was looking in vain for a place to take refuge in order to survive the storm .

He saves a cat during the hurricane

Seeing the chat , Mike Ross did not hesitate and decided to cross the torrents of water to go to the cat and rescue him. He walked through the floods, climbed the air conditioning and gently hugged the animal. He then backtracked holding the frightened feline close to him and brought him inside to safety.

Photo credit: @MeganScavo

Mike Ross said that for the time being, this cat will stay in shelter with his family. The young man thinks of adopting the feline if he does not find an owner. The animal was named Ian, in reference to the hurricane.

Mike's girlfriend posted a video on social media in which the young man can be seen saving the cat. The video quickly went viral with many netizens praising Mike's heroic and brave act.

His girlfriend also created a page GoFundMe in order to raise money to restore their house and those of the other inhabitants. She also clarified that half of the donations will be donated to the Humane Society Naples, to help other animals affected by the floods, in honor of the cat who was rescued.

Source : Huffington Post