Finistère: she gives birth to an adorable little boy on the side of the road

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:28

Tuesday October 25, 2022, a woman gave birth to a baby boy on the side of a national road in the department of Finistère. The mother and baby are in good health.

On their way to the maternity ward, a man and his wife were forced to stop at the edge of the RN2, near Guipavas ( Finistere ), this Tuesday, October 25, 2022, reports the Telegram.

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The mother gives birth on the side of the road

It is in this context that the mother of the family gave birth to a little boy, around 3 p.m. As the Breton regional daily specifies, the dad helped his companion to give birth while waiting for the arrival of the firefighters and the SMUR (mobile emergency and resuscitation structure).

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Luckily, the birth of little Enzo went off without a hitch, to the delight of his parents. The emergency services dispatched to the scene transported the mother and the infant to the Morvan hospital in Brest.

This happy event had no impact on traffic, apart from a slight slowdown of about 1 kilometer, explains the news site. It should be noted that the services of the Diro (Interdepartmental Directorate of West Roads) had made sure to secure the four lanes.

Photo credit: illustration image / Istock

A year ago, another baby born on the side of the road had very nearly lost his life in Charente-Maritime. But this tragedy was avoided thanks to the coolness of the dad who managed to resuscitate his child with the help of a firefighter on the phone.

Source : The Telegram