Finistère: he receives a postcard 26 years late

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 20:21:02

At the beginning of October, a Breton found a strange piece of mail in his mailbox: a postcard sent in…1996!

As usual, La Poste does not do things by halves! On October 7, a resident of Île-Tudy (Finistère) discovered in his mailbox a postal cards addressed to his daughter. The problem? The mail was sent on August 13, 1996, reports Ouest France.

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He receives a postcard 26 years late

As reported by the regional daily, the father of the family will send the missive to his daughter, who was about fifteen years old at the time. And the least we can say is that this situation amuses the Breton.

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Indeed, the latter hastened to calculate the travel time of the card, which was sent from the town of Barbâtre, in Vendée. In total, the missive traveled “ 276 kilometers in 26 years and 56 days ».

Contacted by the information site, the post explains that approximately 0.7% of mail is not delivered to its recipient. Regarding the postcard, the French company was unable to reveal the origin of such a delay:

« At that time, there was no follow-up… We can imagine a lot of things, maybe she had gotten stuck under a machine that we had recently moved? , said the communication service to Ouest France.

You have been warned: a missive may slip into your most recent letters.

Source : West France