Fashion week: this dress was created live on a model's body in just a few minutes

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-04 18:26:01

A technological feat took place in the fashion world during fashion week in Paris: appearing topless on the stage, model Bella Hadid donned a dress sprayed directly on her skin.

After nine days of festivities, the fashion week finally ended in Paris on Tuesday, October 4. The opportunity to look back on a significant event that took place this Friday, September 30 and which made the buzz.

That day, the Parisian brand Coperni presented its spring-summer 2023 collection and made an impression with a spectacular finale.

Photo credit: Coperni

For the finale of the show, model Bella Hadid appeared on stage topless, wearing only underwear. Three professionals then approached her and sprayed her skin with a white, liquid, web-like material. After a few seconds, the substance solidified and transformed into a sublime robe long.

Bella Hadid's dress makes the buzz

The process used to create a dress from a liquid product sprayed on the skin was created by Dr. Manel Torres, a Spanish designer and scientist. He created a system capable of liquefying fibers such as cotton, wool and nylon. Once the product is sprayed on the skin, the solvent contained in the substance evaporates and the fibers of the fabric reform. On contact with the skin, the product dries and hardens to become a textile material that can be worn.

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After the product was sprayed on the 25-year-old model's body, a fourth person approached and adjusted the dress with a few snips. Thus, Bella Hadid wore a beautiful white dress with bare shoulders and with a slit near the legs.

This unique and tailor-made dress, created in just a few minutes, caused a sensation at fashion week. It is a real feat and a fusion between the mode and new technologies. Bella Hadid's passage was filmed and the video posted on Instagram by the Coperni brand has already been viewed more than 323,000 times.

Source : Huffington Post