Famous Harry Potter actor Leslie Phillips dies at 98

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-08 18:26:01

British comedian Leslie Phillips, particularly known to Harry Potter fans, died Monday, November 7 at the age of 98, his wife announced.

Credit: Waner Bros.

He has acted in no less than 200 films throughout his career, but it is for his brief but oh so important role in the saga. Harry Potter that the general public knew him. It was indeed Leslie Phillips who lent her voice to the Sorting Hat in the original version in the saga of J. K. Rowling that the actor was mainly known.

You could hear his so British accent in three of the eight films Harry Potter when the Sorting Hat assigned each student to a house of Hogwarts . His passing saddens fans of the bespectacled wizard all the more since it comes just weeks after the disappearance of Robbie Coltrane, who performed the unforgettable Hagrid .

“I have lost a fantastic husband and the public a truly brilliant actor”

Credit: CTV News

It was to the British press that his wife, Zara Phillips, announced the disappearance of her husband: “ I have lost a fantastic husband and the public a truly brilliant actor [...]. He was a national treasure, people loved him. He caused a riot wherever he went “, she recalls.

Leslie Phillips' agent gave more details on the circumstances of his death, indicating in particular that the comedian was dead ' peacefully in his sleep monday '. Leslie Phillips fought for many years ' against disease “recalls his agent. The actor was indeed diminished after a stroke that occurred in 2015. He moved in a wheelchair in recent years. He leaves behind his wife and four children from previous unions.