Exceeded by midges? Here are four tips to get rid of it

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-08 17:23:02

Today we reveal some tips to get rid of gnats.

You have certainly noticed it, but we are invaded by midges this year and they continue to multiply while winter is fast approaching. Which has the gift of exasperating more than one.

This unusual proliferation, which is explained by a hot and humid autumn in the wake of a scorching summer, is proving painful in everyday life.

Because if this flying insect is not dangerous, it is on the other hand extremely annoying to circle constantly around us or even in our kitchens above the food.

Exasperated by this situation, many of you are trying to get rid of it. So here are some tricks very simple to put an end to recalcitrant gnats, without killing them, that goes without saying.

Photo credit: Istock

Do not leave standing water in the sink while cleaning the drain

We are not lying to each other, the dishwashing chore is rarely carried out with pleasure and very often, utensils and other dirty containers pile up in the sink at the risk of having stagnant water.

This is exactly what you should not do when you want to get rid of midges because the female likes to lay her eggs in water. This is valid for pots and other containers likely to have stagnant water

Also remember to clean your sink drain because leftover food wet accumulate there and this may attract midges.

Watch your food, especially fruits and vegetables

If you buy fruit, it's not to look pretty in the cup, so eat it because if it ever rots, midges will be happy to roam around it.

Ditto for your vegetables, be sure to protect them and not leave them in the open air. As for your meat and your fish, you must of course store them in cool and airtight places, but we don't teach you anything.

Photo credit: Istock

Empty your trash cans regularly

As you can see, gnats are attracted to decomposing matter. So it is advisable to empty your trash cans regularly to avoid some inconvenience. Also, be sure to disinfect your trash can from time to time.

Use lemongrass

Like many insects, midges hate lemon and its smell, so do not hesitate to use lemongrass by placing it in strategic places in your home, starting with your kitchen.