EuroMillions: a player who forgot his glasses gets the wrong number and wins 200,000 euros

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 12:03:02

In Finistère, a man who used to always play the same numbers at EuroMillions made a mistake by forgetting his glasses. This fault brought him luck since he won 200,000 euros.

In France, it is estimated that 3.5 million French people play EuroMillions every week. Among them, many people always play the same numbers and decide not to rely on chance by choosing numbers that have marked their lives.

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This is the case of a man who lives in Finistère and who always plays the same numbers, which correspond to the dates of birth of his relatives. A few days ago, he went to a supermarket press lotto to play.

He forgets his glasses and wins 200,000 euros

Only here, once arrived in front of the game grid, the man noticed that he had forgotten his eyeglasses of sight. Not seeing much, he ticked off numbers and made a mistake in his wife's date of birth.

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A lucky mistake that allowed him to win 193,666 euros, or nearly 200,000 euros. Indeed, the winner had the five correct numbers in the draw and one lucky star. He only needed a second lucky star to win the jackpot of 127 million euros.

For the moment, he is the only Frenchman who has managed to win 200,000 euros at EuroMillions. Five other Europeans are among the lucky ones who have won this sum.

Source : France Blue