England: This homeless woman lived in a hedge for three years so as not to abandon her cat

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-07 11:37:05

In the United Kingdom, a woman who lived in a hedgerow for three years to stay with her cat has just found a home thanks to an arborist.

Earlier this month, Gareth Olsen, a 43-year-old arborist, had the surprise of his life when he discovered a women in a hedge as he prepared to clear the land on which she lived, in the county of Cheshire (north-west of England).

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She lived in a hedge so she wouldn't abandon her cat

The one who had been living under a tarpaulin for three years, in the middle of her sleeping bag and her boxes containing her personal belongings, was forced to settle in this precarious shelter to stay with her chat .

Photo Credit: MEN Media

Photo credit: MEN Media

According to her, she has not found accommodation in the past because of her situation and her pet. Touched by his story, the arboreal agent hastened to contact an association for the help of homeless people to help him.

« It's such a sad story. I'm so shocked and sorry for her “, he confided to a local media. ' I was clearing the land for a private owner. One of our guys was in a tractor and a little hand came out of the hedge (…) ».

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Upset, the Briton also praised the courage of the woman: “ I am 43 years old and I am an arborist. I consider myself pretty tough but I couldn't do what she did ».

For his part, Adam Dandy, a member of the association, revealed that the owner of the cat found accommodation thanks to the mobilization of several local agencies. She also receives social assistance.

« Although this incident is shocking to all of us, we would like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to rescue this lady as soon as we were made aware of her location and plight (…) Special thanks to Gareth Olsen “, he said.

Source : Metro