England: they find a treasure trove of gold coins while doing work in their kitchen

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 17:04:01

In the North of England, a couple discovered a treasure of more than 260 gold coins under the floor of their kitchen. The coins will be auctioned off.

In England, a couple decided to do some work in their house and renovate the kitchen. By breaking the floor to replace it, the inhabitants did not expect to make such a discovery.

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They found a real treasure in an earthenware mug no bigger than a soda can. The cup contained 264 rooms of gold, dating from 1610 to 1727. According to scholars, this is one of the largest stocks of 18th century English gold coins ever discovered.

“This is a wonderful and truly unexpected find in an unassuming place. This discovery of more than 260 pieces is one of the most important in the British archaeological record. , said Gregory Edmund, auctioneer.

A treasure under the floor

The kitchen floor was original, dated from the 18th century and had never been changed, which is why no one had ever discovered this treasure.

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For almost 300 years, this treasure has remained hidden in the kitchen, only a few centimeters from the floor. According to early research, the coins belonged to a couple who married in 1694 and came from an influential family. However, it is not known why these pieces were never recovered.

If the gold coins are worth 100,000 pounds, they could be sold for much more during a auction which will be held next October. Indeed, the treasure is estimated at around 250,000 pounds, or nearly 290,000 euros. It has been nicknamed the 'Treasure of Ellerby', in reference to the region in which it was found.

Source : Maxisciences