England: Elderly couple find their cat six years after she disappeared

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-16 18:38:01

In England, an elderly couple have found their cat, six years after it disappeared. The animal's microchip made it possible to identify it.

In 2016, Pauline, 78, and Trevor, 81, had a nightmare when their cat Georgie went missing. The elderly couple from County Durham ( England ) had done everything possible to find her, without success.

Photo Credit: RSPCA / SWNS

At the time, the two spouses were convinced that the hair ball had lost his life. Faced with this situation, they installed a commemorative plaque on the chimney of their house to pay homage to him. One thing is certain: the couple was far from imagining that a miracle was going to happen six years later.

Photo credit: RSPCA / SWNS

A moving reunion

Recently, Pauline and Trevor received a call from the RSPCA - the oldest and largest animal welfare charity in the UK - telling them that their feline had been found in a bush.

What was their surprise when they discovered that the shrub was only 500 meters from their home. Poor Georgie suffered from an open wound in her throat and her weight was very worrying. She was transferred to a veterinary center where she received the necessary care.

Photo credit: RSPCA / SWNS

Luckily, the animal's chip allowed the association to contact its owners. And the least we can say is that the reunion between the 14-year-old cat and her masters was placed under the sign of emotion.

Today, the quadruped is slowly finding his feet with his loving family. Unsurprisingly, his return fills the household with joy: “ It really is a miracle Pauline told the British news daily Metro.

Photo credit: RSPCA / SWNS

According to the words of the septuagenarian, Georgie survived so long on the street thanks to the kindness of the inhabitants of the district: “ She lived on the street and a resident had taken to giving her food ».

Source : Metro