England: A woman gives birth alone in a taxi, the company sends her an inappropriate invoice

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 12:46:02

In England, a woman who gave birth alone in the back of a taxi was surprised to receive a funny bill.

When she had just left the hospital for a pregnancy follow-up, Farah Cacanindin, 26, suddenly lost her water in a taxi after feeling strong contractions a few minutes after her medical appointment.

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« The driver asked me if I wanted him to stop but I said to continue because I thought I would arrive at the hospital before giving birth “said the young woman to the British tabloid The Sun.

And the least we can say is that the baby was in a hurry to point the tip of his nose. Indeed, Farah had no choice but to give birth alone in the back of the vehicle. For his part, the driver hastened to alert staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital ( England ).

It is in this context that little Naia came into the world: “ It was the fastest job ever an analyst told the news site. After a short hospitalization, mother and daughter were able to return home.

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The mother of the family receives an unexpected bill after her express delivery

This unusual adventure took an unexpected turn when the mother of the family received the note from the taxi company, Arrow Taxis. One thing is certain: she did not expect to pay a bill amounting to 90 pounds (about 104 euros). This price includes the amount of cleaning of the vehicle, as well as the price of the race.

Photo credit: Doug Seeburg/News Group Newspapers Ltd

« I understand that I caused a mess but it's a bit daring to send me this said Farah. ' The funny thing is that the taxi company is located down my street. I see the taxi in which I gave birth right in front of my house ».

Photo credit: The Sun

Source : The Sun