Energy renovation: augmented reality is making its debut!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 10:56:02

The greentech TUCOENERGIE, expert in energy renovation, has developed an augmented reality application for all French people wishing to carry out energy efficiency work. In a context of sharply rising energy costs, this tool allows the customer to confirm and materialize their choice to move towards alternative energy solutions.


An application to visualize your future energy efficiency installation

As we know, digital is an essential lever in the energy transition sector, which is rather behind on the subject. To democratize access, the company TUCOENERGIE has been pursuing its digital innovations for several years. Like social networks with their filters, the furnishing sector with their kitchens and furniture, the optical and fashion sectors with virtual fittings, the ENR sector is now entitled to its augmented reality ! The company is ahead of its market by positioning itself as a pioneer in this technology thanks to its brand new application. Over the years, consumers have evolved and changed their shopping mode and behavior based on recent technologies present in the market. This has prompted companies to develop new augmented reality experiences. By offering its customers this application, TUCOENERGIE is adapting to consumers. The projection allowed by the application makes it possible to remove one of the obstacles to energy renovation, namely the fear of work and therefore becomes an element of reassurance.

Augmented reality: a lever for sustainable energy consumption

For several months, the price of energy has been constantly increasing, forcing the government to set up a tariff shield in order to relieve the French on their energy bill . This surge in prices - explained by the post-pandemic economic recovery, a decrease in raw material stocks and by the war in Ukraine - forces us to move towards carbon-free energy solutions such as renewable energies. The mission that TUCOENERGIE has given itself, that of supporting the French towards more energy efficiency, is consolidated by augmented reality. Indeed, it places energy renovation at the heart of French households. This technology gives them the possibility of virtually occupying their space and freely sizing their product ( heat pump , thermodynamic water heater, etc.) in order to make their project more concrete.

An increasingly personalized customer experience for an optimized installation

Augmented reality makes it possible to go even further in the proposal of an immersive and personalized experience. Equipped with either a tablet or a smartphone, the customer takes ownership of his energy renovation project in a few clicks thanks to the augmented reality application. He chooses the product and scans the room in which he wishes to install it. Once the product is positioned, the image is saved. This tool, available during an immersive journey, improves and strengthens the customer experience. It provides an advantage for both the customer and the company. If the app allows the customer to project himself and make his project a reality, it also avoids unpleasant surprises. The product is installed in the exact location desired by the customer during the project feasibility visit. Thus, the works team carries out the installation in accordance with what the customer has visualized on the application. The various information on the performance of the energy renovation work is easily transmitted between the project stakeholders in order to obtain an efficient installation that meets the customer's expectations.

Augmented reality to accelerate residential energy renovation

In France, according to the National Observatory for Energy Renovation (ONRE), there are 7.2 million energy strainers. TUCOENERGIE innovates and develops digital tools such as the augmented reality application to democratize energy renovation and reach as many households as possible. Thanks to the projection, the customer concretizes as he visualized it, his energy renovation project. Augmented reality has become a must in the purchasing decision-making process. According to a study conducted by Snapchat in collaboration with Publicis Exchange Media, augmented reality is a purchase trigger in particular for interior decoration (73%) and product demonstration (70%). When a brand integrates augmented reality into its marketing strategy, it positively influences the customer's purchasing decision. They are twice as likely to make a purchase. Augmented reality is therefore booming and represents a real competitive advantage. According to this same study, “consumers constantly expect more personalized and engaging experiences that allow them to interact with their favorite brands. Companies that embrace this trend now will become dominant players in their industry. Those who do not, will be left behind by their competitors'. With this application, TUCOENERGIE hopes to convert the greatest number of French people to energy renovation and to act positively on the residential real estate stock in France. Second most emitting sector of CO2 the building sector is responsible for 26% of emissions in France.If we want to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, it is therefore urgent to accelerate the thermal renovation of buildings.Augmented reality is therefore presented as a effective way to accelerate the energy transition of housing.