Elon Musk enters the premises of Twitter with a... washbasin

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:49:34

Celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk has posted a very cryptic video on Twitter that he's about to take over.

This is called an entrance with great fanfare (or not)!

The Billionaire Elon Musk , which must - barring any change - finalize the takeover of Twitter in the next few hours, was seen with a sink in hand as he entered the premises of the famous social network.

The comical scene took place on Wednesday, October 26 at the company's headquarters.

Photo credit: Dan Matt/Flickr

Elon Dusk arrives at Twitter headquarters with a…sink

This famous boss of Space X and Tesla himself shared a video of this funny entry on Twitter, accompanied by a caption in which he plays on the double meaning of the word “sink”, which means both “ sink and 'flow'.

As a reminder, the process of buying back Twitter by Elon Musk should know its epilogue on Friday after 7 months marked by several adventures and other frictions.

At the beginning of July, the businessman had thus announced that he was giving up buying the social network from the blue bird. A decision that had not been to the liking of Twitter executives, who had brought the case to justice in Delaware.

The person concerned had finally reconsidered his decision at the beginning of October, when a trial was looming. The lead judge in charge of the case then urged the two parties to find common ground by October 28.

The outcome will therefore be known tomorrow.