Elizabeth II wrote a letter before her disappearance which states not to open it 'until 2085'

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-13 18:25:03

Five days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a mysterious letter written by her made people talk about her. On the latter, the queen indicated a strict condition before opening it and discovering its contents.

Credit: Emma Cropper/Twitter

The rain of tributes to the Queen Elizabeth II continue to fall, while the anecdotes surrounding the famous British monarch also fuse. One of them, particularly enigmatic, has resurfaced.

In November 1986, while on an official trip to Australia , Queen Elizabeth II had written a handwritten letter addressed to the “ sydney citizens '. But the letter has been kept out of sight in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney for thirty-six years.

A letter that should not be opened 'before 2085'

An Australian journalist, Emma Cropper, refreshed memories by recalling on Twitter the existence of this letter ' sealed inside a display case ' of the building. On this letter, the queen expressly stipulated a wish: “ The strict instruction is not to open it before 2085 ».

If no one knows the contents of this letter , not even the relatives of His Majesty , specifies the Daily Mail , we can nevertheless read the addressee, the ' Right Honorable Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia '. In addition, the Queen indicated that the main interested party will have to define “on a fitting day in the year 2085 AD ». « Please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message for them “, is it written by the hands of the queen.

Could we expect an apology on behalf of the monarchy for the colonization of the country? After the death of the queen, a presenter aboriginal of Australia refused to mourn the monarch and demanded an apology from the British monarchy for the colonization of Australian lands.

There is no way of knowing what is written there, and we will have to wait 63 years before we can finally discover what this letter conceals for the inhabitants of Sydney.

Source : TF1 info