Electricity shortage: meteorologists predict the coldest winter in France for a decade

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-16 20:48:03

This winter more than the others, the weather will play an important role in how we spend this period.

Credit : Tatiana Dvoretskaya / iStock

Indeed, while European governments are doing everything possible to avoid possible energy shortages and potential power cuts, winter could be particularly cold. As we know, depressions bring mildness, while anticyclones, on the contrary, cause temperatures to drop. And precisely the weather forecast for this winter are not really reassuring on that side.

“After nine consecutive winters with temperatures on average above normal for the season, the coming December-January-February quarter could well return to more wintry weather conditions. In any case, this is what the European seasonal forecast model suggests in its latest update. explained meteorologist Guillaume Woznica to our colleagues at LCI. Temperatures should begin to drop in December.

A risk of electricity shortage?

Thus, according to specialists, France is likely to experience the coldest winter of the last decade. If that were the case, 'France could not avoid massive load shedding of electricity in case of normally cold or very cold winter” said Thursday Philippe Page Le Mérour, secretary of EDF's central corporate social committee. Still according to Guillaume Woznica, the forecast is approximately 60% reliable. For its part, Météo France, which remains the benchmark organization in this area, has not yet commented on the first trends.