Dream job alert: you can get paid to watch Christmas movies, but places are limited!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-12-21 19:28:02

What if you got paid to watch Christmas movies? It is now possible thanks to the company EduBirdie. Follow the guide !

« The Holiday », « Mom I missed the plane », « Last Christmas “… Let's face it, Christmas movies allow us to spend pleasant evenings cocooning in front of the television, with a cup of hot chocolate and a very soft plaid.

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What if you were actually paid to binge-watch? This is in all that the American company offers EduBirdie , report our colleagues from Cosmopolitan. In its offer of use , the company says it is looking for 25 “Christmas Moodcatchers”.

A dream job that rhymes with Christmas

And the least we can say is that the job description is simply incredible. The main missions are to eat cookies, watch movies de Noel and receive gifts.

Successful candidates will be divided into 5 groups for two weeks: “ Each day, EduBirdie will measure participants' Christmas mood, stress and motivation levels “, details the company in a press release. In addition to the presents, the lucky ones will not need to pay a penny, and will even be paid:

« Each participant receives a cash reward of $1,000 or the equivalent in the currency of the country of residence '. Also according to the company, the job offer also concerns residents of the European Union.

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If you are interested in the ad, just fill in this form . Attention, the latter will be withdrawn on December 24: “ Try to be as specific as possible and impress us with your Christmas sense. Don't be afraid to be creative and think big, we'll read everything ».

Source : Cosmopolitan