Dream job alert: become a canine assistant and get paid 27,000 euros a year to take care of a group of puppies

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 19:28:02

Dream job alert: a British association is looking for a canine assistant to take care of a group of dogs. Salary ? 27,000 euros per year.

It is well known: the dog is man's best friend. That's good, the British charity Guide Dogs has just shared a job offer that should delight animal lovers.

Indeed, she is looking for a canine scientific assistant for a period of one year, specifies The Mirror. Note that the mission will take place in Leamington Spa, a spa town located in the county of Warwickshire (central England).

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A dream job in contact with dogs

The job description consists of taking care throughout the day of a group of puppies who are undergoing training to become guide dogs for people suffering from partial or total blindness.

« This important role will focus on the well-being of our puppies: getting to know them, interacting and engaging with them to grow into happy and healthy guide dogs. “, explained the scientific director of the program.

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On site, the scientific assistant will first have to make sure that the hairballs feel good. But that's not all ! He will also work with dog trainers and contribute to behavior assessments of residents. Finally, his last task comes down to relieving the teams in data collection and project administration.

And the least we can say is that this job is fairly well paid: 27,000 euros per year. However, such a job requires a certain know-how: at least two years of experience in the animal care profession, a diploma related to animal science and administrative skills.

Source : Mirror