Dog Spent 700 Days Of Her Life Aboard Cruise Ship And Was Rewarded By Company For Loyalty

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 11:38:20

Joska, a 10-year-old Labrador retriever, was honored by the entire staff of an American cruise group for her record number of days spent at sea.

Credit: Holland America Line

During an official ceremony which took place on October 26 on board a ship of cruise , a female dog was rewarded by a whole staff. A funny ceremony since animals are not allowed on board the boat.

Joska is a female dog companion who accompanies Cornelia “Connie” Marinussen, who is blind, and her husband Cornelis wherever they go. This also includes the many trips the couple have been making for almost 10 years with the Holland America Line cruise company.

700 days aboard a cruise ship

Since 2013, Connie and her husband have traveled the most beautiful places in the world aboard the ship: Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Canada and the Mediterranean. A longevity and regularity (60 cruises with the company) which allowed the couple some time ago to obtain a reward, the Platinum Medal, the highest distinction given by the Holland America Line.

But a week ago, aboard the company's Rotterdam ship, it was their favorite furry ball, Joska, who was celebrated and crowned. The Labrador has been part of the Marinussen family as an assistance dog since 2014. It is his special status that has allowed Joska to embark on these many journeys of discovery.

The canine has spent a total of 700 days and nights on board since she accompanied Connie and Cornelius on their travels. It is logical that she was rewarded with the highest medal by the cruise company.

'Joska has become a member of our family'

Credit: Holland America Line

« Joska is the first service animal to achieve this high status, and we wanted to honor her with an event that shows her how special she is to everyone in our company. Registered service animals are always welcome aboard Holland America Line ships, and Joska has become part of our family. Not only does it brighten the spirits of everyone on board, but it also allows Connie to do what she loves most, which is sailing and exploring the world. said Gus Antorcha, president of Holland America Line.

Joska's medal was presented to her by the ship's captain, Werner Timmers. On the same occasion, 5-star Mariner status was awarded to Joska. It's about ' highest level of cruise line loyalty program “, specifies the site People.

To date, Joska is considered one of the most traveled dogs in the world by the cruise line.

Credit: Holland America Line

Source : People