Does Santa Claus really exist?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-21 18:38:02

Santa Claus is a character who appeared during the Middle Ages. Today, its existence is questioned. Is it really real ?

A brief history of Santa Claus

Santa Claus places gifts under the Christmas tree Credit: HASLOO

Considered a fictional person , Santa Claus is inseparable from the Christmas . The man behind Santa Claus is Nicolas deMyre. However, the mythology and the modern attributes of the character are the result of a syncretism as well as a more recent marketing will in the Western world.

According to sociologist Martyne Perrot, the idea of Santa Claus is of American descent. Indeed, this character was built by New York migrants.

Christmas is related to December 25, the day of the Nativity . Father Christmas or Santa Claus is therefore linked to the birth of Jesus, a Christian holiday.

Before the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the nativity feast as well as the Epiphany were celebrated on January 6th. In the fourth century, Christmas was celebrated for the first time in Rome on December 25. Since this decision, the two events are celebrated separately.

The feast of Christmas is associated with that of Saturnalia at the time of ancient Rome. It is marked by popular rejoicing. People organized meals and made gift exchange . They put green plants in their house and gave figurines to their children.

Around the year 274, the Saturnalia are extended by the Dies Natalis Solis Invici which is celebrated every December 25. It signifies the return of the sun or the birth day of Sol Invictus.

Selon Jonathan Ott, an ethnobotanist, the red and white Santa Claus outfit related to the fly agaric. Shamans in Siberia used it because it has psychoactive properties. Historian Ronald Hutton, however, argues that this assumption remains unfounded.

Some ideas link Santa Claus to Norse mythology, a polytheistic religious system. The god Thor could be the origin of the Santa Claus with his red clothes and his white beard. Moreover, he travels on a chariot drawn by goats.

In France, the arrival of Christianity led to many reforms in order to eliminate the old Christmas rituals.

Santa Claus exists: how does he move?

Santa Claus takes a picture with a white reindeer Credit: santatelevision. com

Every year the Santa Claus accomplishes its mission in mysterious ways. Note that the laws of classical physics categorically reject the existence of Santa Claus .

Based on quantum physics, it's highly likely that Santa Claus can enter a house through its chimney. In fact, quantum mechanics affirms the possibility of transporting objects a very long distance in a few seconds. Since the starting and ending positions are not defined points, the father Christmas could move through a tunnel. It would be able to easily pass through your chimney.

To move, santa claus would use wormholes serving as tunnels in space-time, a kind of shortcut to travel long distances quickly. Know that Einstein is the father of the theory of relativity which could help Santa Claus. Theoretically, wormholes are possible according to Einstein's special relativity.

For deliver the gifts children in less than 31 hours, Santa Claus would have an ionic shield with particles charged and maintained by a magnetic field. This tool would surround the sleigh and protect Santa from air and fire resistance. He could thus descend into a chimney without any problem.

Thanks to the Doppler effect, no one can hear the Santa Clause supersonic sled . This Doppler effect is considered as the frequency shift of a sound wave between the transmitter and the receiver. Here, Santa's sleigh is the transmitter while the children are the receiver. Be aware that when an ambulance passes, the sound of the triggered siren is modulated according to the movement of the vehicle. This is why no one hears Santa Claus.

Santa Claus does not exist

A smiling Santa Claus and a Mrs. Claus Credit: kingpics

Many French people contradict the existence of santa claus . Scientifically, a multitude of arguments are possible. For example, it is very hard to distribute gifts for all the children in the world. On Earth, the number of children reaches 2 billion. If we only count Christian children, those who celebrate Christmas, there are around 400 million, or 30 million households. Can't deliver gifts to 30 million homes in one night.

Taking time zones into account, Santa Claus has 31 hours to deliver gifts worldwide . Santa Claus must therefore make about 823 visits per second, or 1/1000 second for each household. In less than a second, he has to park his sled and go down the chimney before placing the gifts in front of the Christmas tree. Moreover, before leaving the house, he must drink milk and eat his Christmas cake.

In one night, Santa Claus travels 120 million km to reach 30 million houses, provided they are evenly distributed. His sled thus moves at very high speed. At the moment, it is difficult to explain this phenomenon using classical physics.

On the weight side, assuming that each gift weighs 500g, the Santa's sleigh must support up to 200 million kg of loads. Since a reindeer manages to tow a maximum load of 150kg, Santa's eight reindeer could never tow children's gifts. In truth, he would need more than 200,000 reindeer.

In all, Santa Claus, sleigh, reindeer plus the gifts would weigh 353,000 tons. At speeds above 1,000 km/s, the air resistance becomes invaluable and the reindeer would inevitably be burned. In less than 4.26 thousandths of a second, everything would be exterminated and Santa Claus would die on the spot.

Is it wise to make his children believe in Santa Claus?

Santa Claus with seven elves Credit: evgenyatamanenko

Christmas starts at midnight on December 24 in some. Each family has its own way of celebrating this event in order to please the children. In France, some parents make efforts to make their children believe that the santa claus exists in order to encourage them to remain wise.

In other families, parents make their children believe in the tradition for as long as possible. They carry a ambiance festive  while staging the arrival of santa claus to drop off gifts. The goal is to create the christmas magic in the home to strengthen the family relationship.

Some French people categorically refuse to make their children believe that Santa Claus exists. Indeed, they think it is not good to lie to children in order to maintain a relationship of trust. For this point of view, telling the truth is therefore essential to avoid lying. However, talking about the nativity feast is quite another thing.

Angélique Cimelière, a clinical psychologist, sees no problem with the belief of santa claus . She encourages families to follow the ritual by making the letter to Santa Claus concrete. Choosing your gifts avoids disappointment. It is therefore necessary to warn the child about the possible choices.

The psychiatrist Michaël Larra affirms that excess must be avoided. So you have no interest in carry on the tradition too long for your children not to make a fool of themselves in front of their friends.

According to Dr. Larrar, around six years of age you can clear up the non-existence of santa claus . According to him, a child often asks questions about the existence of this imaginary character when he is ready to face reality. So you can tell him that Santa Claus does not exist .

The opinions of specialists

A little girl opens her Christmas present Credit: MNStudio

There are two opposing views on the Santa Claus . Some experts call the magic of Christmas a pretty lie. According to Claude Halmos, a psychoanalyst, the story of a generous man symbolizes things that can really exist: the desire to give and please someone, etc. In addition, if the parents play the game and adhere to the magic of Christmas, by telling stories, the atmosphere will be magical under their roof. The objective is therefore to experience a warm family event. For a child, the Santa Claus embodies love. It also influences the development and health of the child.

On the other hand, other researchers in psychology affirm that to make believe in the existence of a nice sir would impact negatively affect children's trust in their parents. According to researchers from Exeter, a university in the UK : « If parents are able to lie on such a magical and special subject, can they be counted on to continue to be the guardians of wisdom and truth? ». In addition, some parents simply want to relive part of their childhood instead of creating a magical atmosphere.

These psychologists from the University of Exeter claim that Santa Claus is often used as a tool for blackmail or control over children. Santa Claus is watching everyone, good children like not very nice. This fact is terrifying. This morality must therefore be questioned.