DIY: 15 Christmas cards to make yourself

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:47:22

To present your wishes, discover 15 ideas and models of DIY greeting cards for Christmas. These cards are easy to make, even by children.

1. Card with watercolor Christmas balls

Caption: Christmas card with blue balls Credit :  even though

To make this card from Christmas , gather:

  • A blank greeting card ;
  • watercolor paint;
  • A fluid to mask;
  • A pencil ;
  • A fountain pen;
  • A ruler.

Here are the steps to follow to achieve this DIY idea for children:

  1. Draw 5 or 6 circles of different diameters;
  2. Draw a hat at the top of each circle;
  3. Draw a banner and make calligraphy for the message to be written inside;
  4. Draw vertical lines up the card starting from the center of each hat;
  5. Apply masking fluid to all edges of the circles;
  6. After a few minutes of drying, paint the circles and blow on the card to release the watercolor paint from the outlines;
  7. Color and decorate the banner;
  8. Draw all the outlines (banner, balls, etc.) with a gel pen;
  9. Remove the fluid to be masked with an eraser.

two. Christmas card with wreath

Caption: Christmas card in rosemary wreath Credit :  KarpenkovDenis

To make this crown greeting card Here are the materials needed:

  • White card stock;
  • Two leaf punches;
  • Sheets of paper, scrapbooking (green, red, etc.);
  • A sheet of scrapbooking paper with patterns of your choice;
  • A piece of cardboard;
  • Markers;
  • Glue:
  • Scissors ;
  • A brown kraft paper ;
  • A hole punch.

To achieve this Christmas greeting card idea:

  1. Cut out the four green sheets of paper with punches;
  2. Create a shadow effect with a little color using the markers;
  3. Cut a ring from the cardboard and glue it to white card stock. Write your message in the center;
  4. Decorate the crown by sticking green leaves on the ring;
  5. Use a hole punch to punch berries out of the red paper and glue them to the garland;
  6. Create the horizontal borders using two strips of patterned paper.

3. Bear Christmas greeting card

Caption: Christmas greeting card with a white bear Credit :  worldofvector

The creation of this Christmas greeting card with a cartoon bear requires :

  • A blank postcard;
  • A coloring bear drawing;
  • Three adhesive tapes with different patterns;
  • A cord.

Here are the steps to follow to make this beautiful greeting card :

  1. Take the bear drawing (which you can draw yourself);
  2. Cut out the bear along the outlines;
  3. Paste the design on a blank postcard;
  4. Stick adhesive tapes on the bear to make him a kind of clothing. Alternate the different patterns to have an original rendering;
  5. Finally, tie a knot with a piece of ribbon.

Four. Christmas tree pop-up greeting card

Caption: White fir Christmas card Credit :  Machacekcz

You need the following materials to craft this DIY Christmas greeting card :

  • Sheets of green cardstock;
  • A paper of another shade;
  • A silver or gold marker;
  • Rhinestones and glue.

The making of this map starts with the creation of the origami tree with card stock, green paper sheets and glue. Once the tree is finished, proceed to the following steps:

  1. Fold a green card stock in half;
  2. Stick your origami tree on the 2 pages of your card;
  3. With a gold or silver marker, draw a star at the top of the tree;
  4. Add rhinestones or stars to improve the decor.

5. Christmas greeting card in white and golden color

Caption: A golden fir Christmas card Credit: Meranna

Here are the materials needed to craft this christmas greeting card :

  • A blank postcard;
  • Marble patterned scrap sheets. Choose a red color model with a golden effect;
  • Washi tape for the borders;
  • Scissors ;
  • Glue ;
  • A pencil.

This DIY greeting card is made in four steps:

  1. Draw fir trees of different sizes on the base of the marbled sheet;
  2. Use scissors to cut out the trees following their outline;
  3. Glue the sheet to a blank postcard;
  4. Cut small stars out of gold foil and glue them to the top of each fir .

6. 3D Christmas tree greeting card

Caption: A 3D tree Christmas card Credit: Iryna Imago

To make this model:

  1. Prepare a rectangle-shaped card with green colored cardboard and patterned paper;
  2. Next, take a green leaf and fold it like an accordion;
  3. Cut this accordion into several portions of different lengths;
  4. After folding the cardboard into a rectangle, stick each accordion strip on both pages;
  5. Lay the long strips first, starting from the base. To make them stick, close the card and press the strips;
  6. To finish, lay a trunk and a star. Secure them with glue. Do not forget to register your wishes .

7. 3D Gifts

Caption: A blue 3D greeting card Credit: _ €17.86

By adopting the same principle as the previous model, the gifts 3D are easy to achieve. So children can do this diy diy themselves using readily available materials.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Fold a sheet into a rectangle in half and make cuts of different lengths;
  2. You must stick the remains of the sheet on a cardboard which will serve as an envelope;
  3. On the notches, lay ribbons and designs of your choice to decorate the gifts.

Do not forget to write a short message on the bottom of your card and glue stars, gold snowflakes, etc. on both sides.

8. Glittering Christmas bauble

Caption: A Christmas greeting card background in blue Credit: maryliflower

To do this Christmas card DIY original , you have to :

  1. Fold cardboard or construction paper in half;
  2. Cut out a circle on the first page;
  3. Glue a transparent film in place of the circle;
  4. Place brilliants inside the circle;
  5. Set up another plastic wrap to cover the glitter;
  6. Use tape, etc. for the decor.

9. edible card

Caption: A chocolate Christmas tree Credit: manaemedia

This model is one of the simplest greeting cards to make.

  1. Start by sticking candy bars on a christmas greeting card ;
  2. Next, draw candle flames above each bar. You can also put cardboard flames using glue;
  3. To finish, register the wishes and pose elements of decoration.

10. Christmas greeting card with garlands

Caption: A Christmas card with a light garland Credit: Olena Starostenko

Your children love crafts and Christmas decoration ? teach them this easy-to-make greeting card. Here is the full tutorial:

  1. Drill holes in a card to form a tree. Do not hesitate to draw the limits of your tree with a pencil. Thus, you will obtain a very rectilinear rendering.
  2. Thread threads and beads of different colors into the holes to make garlands.
  3. Draw a star at the top of the tree.
  4. Write your wishes on the card.

eleven. button snowman

Caption: A Christmas card with snowmen Credit: jadamprostore

To make this personalized christmas card , you need a glue gun, buttons, ribbon, different colored pencils and a little imagination. Make it with your children to please them.

  1. Fold your paper in half;
  2. Lay two buttons of different sizes and secure them with the glue gun to create the head and belly of a snowman;
  3. Draw the decor and accessories for your snowman;
  4. Fix a candy cane on your card to improve the decoration;
  5. Write down your Christmas greetings.

12. reindeer in peanuts

Caption: Cartoon Peanut Credit: stockakia

With peanuts you can make original DIY return cards . For your gift tags, do not hesitate to create unique envelopes to surprise your loved ones. However, only one condition applies. The person for whom the gift is intended must not be allergic to peanuts.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Glue half of the peanut shell on a label or on a Christmas greeting card.
  2. Draw the nose, eyes and antlers.

To enrich the decoration, you can print your Christmas greetings before moving on to creating your card. Know that it is possible to decorate your gift wrap with this kind of card. If you like coloring, do not hesitate to make stars in paint to bring a little color. You can also apply self-adhesive decorations directly.

13. Wrapped Christmas Greeting Card

Caption: A blank Christmas card with wrapped borders Credit: Vesela Boycheva

With scraps of paper or recycled packaging, you can create a tree, candles , gifts, a snowman, etc. for' adorn your Christmas greeting cards.

  1. Take a rectangular cardboard of your choice which will serve as a base support;
  2. Next, cut stars, a tree, and other designs from the wrapping paper;
  3. Glue them with your wishes on the previously prepared cardboard;
  4. Use sticker backdrops to enhance the design.

14. Thumbprint Christmas Greeting Card

Caption: A Christmas card with handprints Credit: CrazyStripes

This kind of greeting card from Christmas is easy to create .

  1. Just dip a thumb in paint or ink. For each reindeer drawing, you need to print your thumb to create a head and a body.
  2. Next, draw the faces, legs and antlers using a pencil.
  3. Finally, don't forget to write your wishes.

fifteen. Footprint Christmas Greeting Card

Caption: A reindeer footprint Credit:

To draw a reindeer, the process is similar to the previous card.

  1. Dip a foot in a tray of brown paint and print it on a sheet of paper;
  2. Next, draw the face, eyes, nose, and antlers.