Disney is making a touching new short film about body dysmorphia

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-24 18:12:02

A new short film about body dysmorphia is available on Disney+ and sends a caring message about accepting your body.

The Disney universe is a magical world with many princesses, each one more beautiful than the other. With their long hair, hourglass figure and fine features, they perfectly respect current beauty standards.

However, Disney has been reversing the trend for some time now by honoring characters who go beyond the usual standards. The franchise has also created a series of short films focusing on body image, identity and self-esteem.

Photo credit: Disney+

Among these short films, a new film named Reflect was shared on the streaming platform. The story follows the journey of Bianca, a plus size ballet dancer, who will be confronted with her reflection in the mirror.

In the trailer for short film , Bianca can be seen dancing in front of the mirror as the ice breaks. This symbolic image represents the complicated relationship that the dancer has with her body.

A short film about body dysmorphia

This short film addresses the theme of body dysmorphia, a disorder that occurs when a person is obsessed with the flaws they see in their body. These big complexes turn into obsession and the person becomes obsessed with his physical defect.

If several celebrities have already spoken about this disorder to make it known, such as singer Billie Eilish or plus-size model Irena Drezi, Disney has also decided to address the subject. The short film was directed by Hillary Bradfield, who previously worked on Charm and Frozen 2 . He transmits a benevolent message about the acceptance of his corps .

Photo credit: Disney+

After the release of this short film, many Internet users shared their positive opinion on social networks. Several people recognized themselves in the character of Bianca. Among the comments we can read: “As someone who has done and is still dealing with this issue, it is very heartwarming to finally see it represented” and 'I wish I had seen this when I was younger, I'm so happy that things are changing' .

These reactions prove that it is important to represent everyone in popular culture and that everyone feels represented.

Source : Terra Femina