Dismissed 18 years after being declared unfit, she takes the Post to court

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-19 12:12:01

Better late than never ! This formula perfectly sums up the situation of this resident of Meurthe-et-Moselle. The reason ? She was fired eighteen years after being declared unfit.

The administrative hiccups made Céline Sies, a former employee of the post of Laxou. In 2003, the latter was declared unfit for her job by the occupational doctor because of her numerous health problems, report our colleagues from L’ East Republican .

Deprived of salary, the one who returned to live with her parents survived by benefiting from a disability pension of 300 euros. One thing is certain: she should have received a lot more. The reason ? Céline Sies has never been officially fired, specifies the regional daily.

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But everything changed in 2021 when she started to receive salaries from… La Poste. Intrigued, the forty-year-old decided to contact her ex-employer before receiving a response she did not expect.

« Since 2002, you have been away from the service and no longer receive any remuneration […] A computer problem has reset your salary '. The problem? Céline Sies has been declared unfit! La Poste had simply forgotten to fire her, causing a huge misunderstanding.

Elle attack La Poste en justice

Faced with this situation, Céline Sies decided to hire a lawyer: “ She fell into a bureaucratic loophole, and no one cares about her anymore “Said his lawyer, Me Olivier Bauer.

In total, they are claiming around 25,000 euros for salary arrears, 46,000 euros for additional disability pensions (mutual), and severance pay of 8,500 euros. Note that the woman was fired in December 2021, eighteen years after being declared unfit!

Source : 20 Minutes