Discover the origins of your surname with this site

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 12:06:04

The French are passionate about researching their origins. That's good, a site allows you to know the geographical origin of your surname. For this, it relies on a database provided by more than 4 million members around the world.

Credit: Kat72/iStock

The Geneanet site allows anyone who wishes to find the origins geography of his surname . Thanks to its database fed since 1996, date of creation of the site, Geneanet maps the more or less important presence of your surname on a map of the world.

If your name is strongly present in a specific place in the world, the map displays a darker color code (we tested the example with the name Dupont, very common in France and whose color was more consistent on the territory). Conversely, the color will be lighter if your name is not common in some part of the world.

A free site to discover the origins of your surname

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Geneanet is very easy to use. By entering the surname whose geographical origins you wish to discover, an explanation of the etymology of the name is offered.

A number even indicates the geographical distribution of your surname thanks to the genealogical trees of contributors recorded in Geneanet data.

According to an Ifop survey published in October 2022, 7 out of 10 French people are interested in genealogy. This free site could allow them to know more about the origin of their surname.