Discover the names of demented twins who have been banned by civil status

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-10 13:23:06

Parents never lack imagination. The proof, with these astonishing first names for twins that the civil status was forced to refuse.

You will laugh (or not)! Some parents are not without imagination. In France, parents of twins have been denied the choice of their first names by civil status. The reason ? The too wacky and unusual aspect of these first names. And if a first name is refused by the civil status, it is for a good reason: it could harm the child in the interests of the child, as the site specifies. Cosmopolitan . Although it is allowed to invent a first name, some parents have very surprising ideas.

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Here is the list of twin names which were refused in France by the public services. Some will surprise you...

First names of twins refused civil status:

Happy and Patrist

No, it's not a joke. In 2006, parents wanted to call their children Joyful and Patrist. The Montpellier Court of Appeal thus refused these first names for 'fanciful, even ridiculous character'.

Port and Starboard

As indicated Cosmopolitan , it was a couple of sailors who wanted to use these first names. Of course, this was refused.

Starsky et Hutch

Similar to the 1970s series, parents nearly named their twins Starsky and Hutch.

Autumn et Summer

Understand in French, Autumn and Winter. Not really cool names.

Abroad, the same observation:

Vagina and Clitoris

Exception, this incident took place in 2009 in Belgium and not in France. Despite everything, the civil status had to refuse these first names.

Fish and Chips

It was in New Zealand that these parents were denied this choice of first names. And we understand why.

Other first names are often refused by civil status for twins, such as palindromes, words that can be read backwards: we note for example Heaven and Nevaeh or even Noel and Leon.

Another amusing list: that of first names automatically refused by civil status. At least you are set:

- Ikea
- Nutella
- Spirou
- MJ
- Folavril
- Manhattan
- Mini-Cooper
- Prince-William
- Spongebob
- Titeuf
- CR7
- Anal
- Excel
- Daisygual
- Metallica
- Strawberry
- Clafoutis
- Anomalies
- Asterix
- Lucifer

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Source : Cosmopolitan