Discover The Island Walk, a walking trail that offers breathtaking views of a picturesque island in Canada

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 18:43:02

In Canada, The Island Walk is perfect for hikers: it allows you to admire breathtaking landscapes, stroll through charming little villages and taste local seafood.

Do you want to travel to Canada and take a long hike to discover incredible landscapes? If so, you can check out The Island Walk, a new walking trail that welcomed its first hikers in 2021.

Photo credit: @theislandwalk

This 435 kilometer long trail forms a loop around Prince Edward Island, nicknamed “Canada’s gourmet island”. This island Picturesque and full of charm is the smallest province in the country and is famous for its seafood like oysters and lobster.

“The Island Walk will give you time to slow down and be present in your daily thoughts and journey, while experiencing the simple beauty of the island around you” , said Bryson Guptill, the creator of The Island Walk.

Photo credit: @theislandwalk

A sublime coastal path in Canada

During your journey on The Island Walk, you can stop on sandy beaches to enjoy a swim and go to panoramic viewpoints to admire breathtaking landscapes. The two main cities on the island are Charlottetown, which has an airport, and Summerside. The trail also allows you to visit charming little villages.

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This route is ideal for seasoned hikers as well as for occasional walkers who like to take advantage of the nature . It contains parts by the sea, historical sections, red dirt roads or peaceful streets: there is something for everyone.

To go around the entire route, it takes 32 days of walking, covering 12 to 15 kilometers per day. Of course, it is possible to leave the trail and come back to it whenever you want to continue your walk.

Photo credit: @theislandwalk

If you want to visit The Island Walk, it is advisable to go there in mid-May or late October. The months of July and August are less favorable because the summer period attracts many tourists. In October, you can enjoy the magnificent colors of autumn.

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