Disabled, she has to drag herself on the ground to go to the toilet of a plane because the crew refuses to help her

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-27 19:07:11

Controversy across the Channel following the misadventure experienced by a disabled woman on board a plane.

It's not a scoop, the daily life of people with reduced mobility is not easy.

Faced with many obstacles every day, they must indeed constantly adapt, which sometimes leads them to experience painful or even humiliating situations.

Jenny Berry knows this only too well. Paraplegic, this Briton, originally from the city of Hartlepool in the north-east of England, thus recently experienced an ordeal in a plane .

Crédit photo : @wheelie_good_life

This disabled woman had to drag herself on the ground to get to the bathroom of an airplane

While on board a flight from Newcastle to Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Jenny was forced to crawl on the floor to get to the toilet as the aircraft staff refused to help her. After dragging herself on the ground for several meters, she was finally able to benefit from the help of a passenger.

Blogger and rights activist disabled , she asked that we film the scene and then shared the video on her Instagram account. Having gone viral, the sequence has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

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In the caption of this video, Jenny Berry explained that usually, when she took the plane, a armchair narrow rolling wheel was made available to him to allow him to move in the central aisle of the aircraft. However, there were none on this flight, chartered by the airline Albastar.

« They wouldn't let me sit at the front of the plane, even though there were empty seats. When I asked if I could go to the bathroom, they said no, they wouldn't help me and they continued to serve the drinks s, ”said Jenny.

« A member of staff told me quite rudely that people with disabilities should just wear nappies on board “, she continued.

And to add: ' They said there was not enough room for a chair in the aisle, while there was room for a drinks cart, a perfume cart and a cigarette cart ».

« Life as a disabled person can sometimes be downright humiliating and embarrassing (…) telling me to my face that I have to wear a diaper when I don't need one made me feel ashamed “, she lamented in another post.

Appalled by this episode, she decided to start a petition to have airplane seats made compulsory on all flights. It has already collected more than 10,000 signatures.

Faced with the controversy, the company Albastar for its part expressed ' his sincere apologies “clarifying that she was trying” to investigate the incident 'so that this' don't happen again ».