David Beckham hailed by Brits for refusing to cut tail to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-19 13:58:01

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II takes place this Monday, September 19 in Westminster Abbey. Before that, thousands of Britons rushed to pay their last respects to their sovereign whose coffin was on display. Among them, a certain David Beckham.

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Since Wednesday, September 14, the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II has been on display on a raised platform in Westminster Hall. The British came in large numbers to bid farewell to their monarch, after a wait of sometimes up to 24 hours.

Friday, September 16, the former footballer David Beckham was spotted in the long queue leading to the queen's remains Elizabeth II . The former British football star was dressed for the occasion in a suit and a newsboy cap.

According to those in the crowd, David Beckham did not use his celebrity status to cut off the tail, as others have done.

Internet users hail respect for David Beckham

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The now retired 47-year-old was hailed by many, especially on social media, for queuing, like everyone else, for 13 hours. ' I thought coming at 2am it was going to be a bit quieter. I was wrong “confessed David Beckham to the media ITV News .

« I grew up in a royalist family and was brought up that way, so if my grandparents had been here today I know they would have wanted to be here. I am here on their behalf and on behalf of my family and obviously to celebrate with everyone here. It's a sad day but it's a day to remember the incredible legacy she left. “Beckham explained.

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The British in the queue had no difficulty recognizing the former England international. Some even asked the star for a selfie , which David Beckham reportedly refused so as not to ' slow down the queue “, extending over nearly 8 km.

« David Beckham joined the queue to view the Queen's coffin at 1.45am on Friday morning. He looks like a man who stayed up all night - he did. All the merit goes to this man who could have played the VIP card. He brings honor to our nation and to its queen “, greets the journalist, Tony Parsons, on Twitter.

After 13 hours of waiting, David Beckham, like so many others, was able to enter the Westminster Hall building and make a final tribute to the queen. The former footballer, moved, had removed his cap and greeted the monarch before leaving the scene.

Source : The Independent