Cycling in class, the idea of ​​this school to channel the energy of the students

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 13:09:02

To channel the overflowing energy of some students who need to move in class, a primary school has installed “office bikes”, which allow them to let off steam while listening to the lesson.

In the Ardennes, the Sainte-Anne primary school in Charleville-Mézières has made an original acquisition in its classes for this new school year.

In one class, five office bikes have been installed. This unusual object consists of a raised table with a saddle, the height of which can be adjusted.

Photo credit: Vélo-Bureau

To install these bicycles , a budget of 3,000 euros was released with the support of the ADHD association (attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity).

Bikes in the classroom

These bikes allow students to exert themselves by cycling in class, while listening to the lesson. The goal is to channel their overflowing energy. Indeed, some children have difficulty sitting on a chair for several hours and concentrating all day without moving.

“This notion of movement is natural in children. There are now many studies that allow us to understand that movement is necessary for attention and concentration. It also allows them to manage their emotions a little better. , explained Caroline Cauchois, the director of the school.

Children are more focused

This astonishing concept bears fruit since the students who have already tried these bikes are won over. The results are positive because the children would be less dissipated and more concentrated.

“I can concentrate better because when I have energy, I talk, I look everywhere” , explained one of the students.

Photo credit: Vélo-Bureau

In this school , bikes are available to all students from CE2. This is not the first time that the school has invested in unusual objects to help students work. Noise-canceling headphones were provided for the children to help them concentrate better, and rubber bands were installed at the legs of the tables so that they could let off steam while listening in class.

Source : France 3