Creuse: this 59-year-old Smurf collector has...2,390 figurines!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-13 13:30:02

Notice to collectors! This inhabitant of Rougnat (Creuse) is likely to impress you. The reason ? He shares his home with 2390 Smurf figurines. A collection that does not go unnoticed in the region.

From the height of his 59 years, Alain Pouchol-Blanchon has seen life in blue for five years. The reason ? This inhabitant of Rougnat (Creuse) has 2390 Smurfs , report our colleagues from Ouest France.

An impressive collection

As the regional daily specifies, the little blue men - from the Belgian comic strip created by Peyo - have taken up residence along the fence, the window sills, on the gutters or even in front of the front door. Note that the 50-year-old does not store his figurines on the inside. And the least we can say is that the latter follows this rule to the letter.

Photo credit: Alain Pouchol-Blanchon

In total, the Rougnatois spent 2500 euros to start his collection of Smurfs. To find the rare pearl, he goes to resale websites or flea markets, explains the information site.

Still according to Ouest France, the collector does not know the value of certain pieces: “ I know that I hold some pieces that are very rare. But that does not interest me because I will never sell them “, he said.

The Smurfs amaze passers-by

Unsurprisingly, his collection does not go unnoticed in the surroundings. Indeed, some curious do not hesitate to go in front of his home to admire the small creatures

« It's always with kindness so it doesn't bother me. They take pictures, we chat. I see the smile of the children so it makes me happy “, confided Alain Pouchol-Blanchon to the regional daily.

Against all expectations, his four cats live very well with Papa Smurf, Smurfette and the rest of the tribe. Today, Alain Pouchol-Blanchon shares his all-consuming passion with his nine-year-old nephew.

The future retiree aims to expand his collection, in particular his collection of Smurfs perfumes and soaps.

Source : West France